Alex O'Loughlin to Take Absence from Hawaii Five-0 for Pain Med Treatment

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Hawaii Five-0 star Alex O'Loughlin will miss at least one episode of the CBS drama, his rep said today in a statement, explaining:

“Alex is taking a short break from Hawaii Five-0 to receive supervised treatment for prescription pain medication due to a recent shoulder injury."

Steve McGarrett Receives Call

Hawaii Five-0 will continue production - it is currently filming episode 20 - and is expected to complete all season two episodes, despite the uncertain status of its leading man. Said CBS Studios in response to the news

“We respect and support Alex’s decision. Everyone at CBS Television Studios and Hawaii Five-0 wishes him well, and we look forward to his return.”

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hi my name is charlene and my wish for alex is to be well i new some thing was wrong he looked so tired and very pale and thin get better soon i now that you can you are strong we all love you so get better soon
love you


Still having good thoughts about AOL. We get to see him in 2.19, and I'm sure he will be back for 2.21. Then they all get their summer break after a few more weeks of filming, which will be good for all of them.


Masi Oka tweeted back to someone who talked about his upcoming 2.20 episode:
"Thank you, it's been fun filming it. 2 days out of 8 done so far. We miss Alex though."
How sweet to say something about Alex, when not even asked. I love Max, I don't understand why some people don't. His character is what it should be and he plays it beautifully. I'm so glad that they are giving him a shot at his own episode, he deserves it. 5-0 needs their quirky M.E and in 2.20 we will get to see why he is so quirky.


If Alex is addicted he deserves respect and praise for getting help. Admitting one has a problem does not make him/her weak or a loser. Maybe he's not addicted and this is a preemptive strike, but sugar coating one's problems will not help them. Obviously his health is his priority and I hope he kicks this problem in the ass. I really love this guy


He is not leaving the show. He is taking a leave of absense and missing one maybe a few more shows. The show will go on with him when he comes back better then ever. He is the star of H50, of course they will allow him to get what he needs and then return when he is better.


Because of him not going to be on hawaii five o anymore it will be ruined!!!!!!='( we love him...... Cant beleive this!!!!


You da man Alex! Kick this in the ass and get on with your life. You're too cool of a dude to let anything like this little hiccup take too much of your time. All the best, Mike


I don't know who mentioned they hoped Alex wasn't seeing it on tv. All centers operate differently, but to my knowledge , use of public outlets, tv, Internet, magazines ,etc. are not allowed because they don't want the patients being subjected to all the outside commercials and enticements. I know a place that only allows 2 personal calls a week. This particular place is a very intensive rehab and to date, it's worked wonders for my friend. Hopefully wherever he is , he's getting the right treatment for him. I know, all of us will be waiting for his healthy return.


@Lena....I was thinking ep 1 when he fell out of the ambulance, either way that would make he further along in the healing process than I first believed and able to come back sooner. About your husband I know what you mean, I'm still at about 80% 2 years later. I don't need my shoulders to compete like in tennis, but the fear lingers in back of my mind about falling on it again. Pro athletes even with the best of care can miss 2 years with shoulder injuries if they come back at all.


@jschoi... I know shoulder injuries are unbelievably painful my hubby went through it horrible time he still can't play tennis or doing other sport with it. Makes me wonder Alex got this injury during shooting the season one finale how in the world could this men do what he did remember the fighting scene in 2.06 and so many other scene's Alex has a lot of pain to endure shooting these scene's talk about dedicated I admire him more and more!

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