AMC Accidentally Reveals MAJOR Walking Dead Spoiler

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WARNING: The following news item contains a MAJOR spoiler for season two of The Walking Dead.

In an ad hyping the release of this season's upcoming DVD, AMC appears to have accidentally revealed a significant plot point.

Aside from promoting features such as extended scenes and "Making Of" specials, and telling fans the 13-episode set can be pre-ordered now for an August shipping, the network spoiled the fate of a major character.

The Walking Dead Cast Photo

AMC eventually removed the post from its online store, saying in a statement that it was "completely unauthorized" and "the matter is currently under investigation," but we've published a screen capture in our photo gallery.

View it HERE and read the description of the DVD if you wish to be spoiled.

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I look at it all the time


There's no way that's Shane's image. The nose is too small. Take another look...the nose is too a woman's.


It bothers me how surprised some people here are... and how one of you completely denies it. It's too SOON for him to die? Read the comics, he died the arc before they even reached the farm. Frankly I'd be astonished if he survived the next episode... Two tops.


I have read that the actor, John whatever his nbame is, who plays Shane is leaving the show to star in a new show called LA Noir. So, I am expecting him to be killed off within the next 2 episodes. I did not see Dale's death coming though. That was totally unexpected and really sad. I think Jeffrey DuMann was great as Dale and I really liked the character.


Hey Tiffany I have never heard that about the charater we are talking about in facr I have never heard of the show i have heard of a game, and there is one guy who kind of looks like our person Buuuuuuuuuut that can't be what your speaking of none the less mant actors appear on different shows within the same year different season. I to lilke this person but that was more in the past now .... not so much, but the person is a good one to not like. I happen to think that this is the best shows of its kind in a long long time, and I don't mean just a zommbie show.


Naaaaaa! not really buying it #1 it is way to soon to get rid of that person,#2 The company did say it was UNauthorized so someone could have been trying to be a smart a_ _ . Think about it do you really think the company would release that kind od info to a publisher? I mean it is not the story writers writing the adds or DVD covers ca-mon man! that makes no sence at all. My guess is that it is fake that person does not die off ... at least not yet. As far as the airborne thing REALLY!!! Not!, the last two security guards did have scratches,but it may not be that easy... they also had blood on the faces point being walker blood may have gotten into the eyes, mouth nose or into those scratches. remember shane cut his own hand with his own knife exposing himself when he stabbed the walkers while he was on that bus blood could have gotten into that cut as well... so counterdicting myself he could very easily be infected and will have to be put down this season. Hmmm just a thought or two


Its actually not that big of a deal. Everyone knew this person had been cast in another show called L.A. Noir. So this "spoiler" is kind of old news. I'm sad because I like this character. A lot of people don't but I do.


Wow. This was a HUGE spoiler indeed and the last thing I'd thought that'd happen. Not gonna say that I'm sad though, as I don't like the character. Make sense though as the character died in the comic series. I'm not completely worried as the show got renewed for a 3rd season. However, a know a lot of people like the character. So will it affect the ratings?



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