American Idol Results: Movin' On Up To The Top 9

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Last night, the American Idol Top 10 took on the songs of Billy Joel. While they'll all be going on tour this summer, one of them will be going home tonight. The nine who remain will be moving out of the hotel and into the Idol mansion, which is maybe a better gig than the Idol tour, if you ask me.

Jimmy Iovine, perhaps the only sane person involved with this show, will give us his critiques and we'll have performances from Lana del Rey and Season 10 contestant Haley Reinhart.

Idol Top 10

Up first tonight are Elise Testone, Skylar Laine, and Hollie Cavanagh. Jimmy said Hollie was a "sweet diva caught in the headlights" last night and that it was her worst performance so far. He also thought last night wasn't Skylar's best night and that she's going to have to grow and get creative if she wants to stay. Jimmy also said something transformed in Elise last night and even HE got "goosies" after listening to her sing, even though he doesn't know what "goosies" are. Jimmy, not shockingly at all, is right about all three.

Hollie, Skylar, and Elise are all movin' on up to a mansion in the Hollywood Hills. All three are safe.

Lana del Rey's performance nearly put me to sleep. Adieu, indeed, Lana. Please. The girls in this competition are well-versed in how to sing slowly and stand in one place. And maybe this performance is supposed to be for us and not for them, but this is doing nothing for me.

Especially when you consider Joe Perry shows up to play guitar while the audience and contestants sing "Happy Birthday" to Steven. Even Ryan sang! Steven will be 63 on Monday. Happy birthday, Steven!

Deandre Brackensick, Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sanchez are up next. Jimmy didn't think DeAndre had a great night last night. (He didn't, Jimmy.) Jimmy felt Joshua oversang his song last night and tried to channel James Earl Jones when he reached into his bottom register. I could tell that something wasn't quite right with Joshua's performance, and while I don't think he necessarily oversang it, it wasn't his best week. Jimmy was nothing but complimentary of Jessica's performance and really, what more is there to say. It was a great performance.

Billy Joel himself complimented Jessica on her performance and she's safe. So is Joshua. DeAndre is the first to head to the bottom three.

Haley Reinhart looks like she took notes from Snooki on the best way to turn one's self into an Oompa Loompa. Seriously. Lay off the spray tan, lady. I don't like her any better than I did last year.

Erika Van Pelt, Heejun Han, Phillip Phillips, and Colton Dixon are the final four of the night. Billy Joel emailed someone at Camp Idol last night and said Colton did a great job. That's a true statement if I've ever heard one. Jimmy is annoyed that Phillip didn't take the advice he and Diddy and Tommy gave. So annoyed he can't even critique Phillip's actual performance. Jimmy thinks Erika deserves to be in the top of the group after her performance, and he called Heejun's performance a joke that made fun of the entire Idol process. I took some flack in the comments on yesterday's review for my extra points to Heejun for having a personality.

While I don't think he was making a joke of show and genuinely think he was just trying to have a good time, I'm willing to concede that his performance last night wasn't even close to spectacular. However, what Heejun IS doing right is making a connection to the audience and showing who he is as a person which is something I think quite a few of our contestants this season are lacking.

Colton's safe again. Erika isn't. Phillip is safe. Heejun isn't.

DeAndre looks like he might cry while he's listening to J.Lo say that one of them has to go home. Or maybe it's throw up. Maybe that's the look on his face. In order to keep the poor kid from losing his lunch, Ryan sends DeAndre back to the couches. He sends Heejun next which means Erika's singing for the save.

She sings "I Believe In You And Me" from Whitney night for the judges. It's not enough. Neither is the hair cut. Mobile DJ and wedding singer Erika Van Pelt is headed back to Rhode Island.

I totally think America got this one right. Erika's time was up. What do you think? Did the right person go home? Would you rather it have been Heejun instead?


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I am 37 years old, and I absolutely LOVE Heejun! His personality and positive attitude are a joy to watch every week, and I think he has a wonderful singing voice. Last week, I had just gotten some very upsetting news about the health of a close family member and I spent the day devastated and literally in tears. Decided to watch AI to get my mind off of things, it wasn't working until Heejun started singing...his performance actually made me smile and loosened the knot in my stomach...thank you Heejun for being the kind of person who has the rare ability to bring happiness and peace to deserve to be an American Idol! I will vote for you each week that you are still on the show, good luck! :)


@Rachel Are you through with your criticism of all of us now???? @TJan American Idol HAS NEVER been about the voices. It's always been a popularity contest and never based on talent. In the eleven years it's been on, why do you think there's only been 2 of the winners (Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood) that have been hugely successful?????????????? I've mentioned this before, this is the first season I've watched since Melinda Doolittle got robbed. And I doubt very seriously I'll be watching next year after being reminded last week why I don't watch. American Idol needs new judges who don't say to all the contestants "that was beautiful"---they need another Simon. They also need to change the voting system. I still suspect the votes really don't matter and it's who the producers want to win............ As to HeeJun, NO he's definitely not going to win this thing.........for the simple fact that he won't take it seriously.


To the people that are getting hot and bothered by votes being about looks, cuteness and personality rather than voices, and think this is why Heejun remains. Did you ever stop and think that maybe some voters actually like Heejun's voice? His tone is beautiful, and his upper register is crystal clear...some people dig that! I know I do :D


That's the name of the game someone's gotta go! There all good no really stands out this year but Skylar... elise is falling victim as well as phillp to sounding the same on every song . Colton has pick different song on different taste each time which keeps him fresh I like that. See a Elise can see anything as well as Phillip but it always sounds like the same song ? Heejun is funny in a strange way that's nice to see Erika big voice but not for my liking uh Jessica to flashy when she sings it can be good great to annoying at times . Deandre hasn't really found his sound per say hopefully will he's got a cool voice Joshua falls under same bracket with Jessica flashy voice big loud sometimes to much is less really more ? I see that in Colton so far who knows? I see top 2 Skylar VS Colton

Miranda wicker

@ Rachel--Heejun is Korean.

Miranda wicker

@ Steve--My personal facts are my argument, just as your personal facts are your argument. Neither of us is being dishonest. Of course I want someone who has vocal talent, and no, Heejun doesn't have more vocal talent than Erika. Or DeAndre, for that matter. And yes, I do want an artist who can sing and who also has a story to tell, but I think we can both agree that there are many, many artists out there who don't have the vocal chops Erika has who still sell millions of records. Will Heejun be one of them? Not a chance. But still, contestants have to leave. Heejun going home this week would in no way guarantee that Erika wouldn't go home next week since nothing has been shown about her that the audience can latch onto (aside from her vocals) when this industry is, as Hilfiger and Jimmy both said, also about image. Personality is part of that image.


To all you Americans who say Heejun should have WENT home: learn English!!!! You should say Heejun should have GONE home! What is wrong with you all??? I'm beginning to think that a smart American is the exception, rather than the rule. I can't even tell you to go back to school because many teachers don't know English either! Having got that off my chest, I will say I agree that Heejun should have GONE home. I don't even think he's "cute". He doesn't seem to "get" it. Perhaps he was born in the United States, but his family all seem to be strongly Chinese, so I suspect Heejun does not totally understand the nuances of the English language.


I'm glad heejun stayed he is very rare one of a kind singer heejun sang that song so much better than billy Joel ....I know its hard for him being one of the very best vocalist in the world people like to hate but he's pure talent i would buy his album any day finally America got it right . Erika gone for good she wasn't good at all she belongs in a bar on karaoke night !


Heejun should not have even been in the top ten. Erica should still be in the competition. I was shocked! I don't think she would win the whole thing but eliminating her now was wrong. I like Phillip, Jessica, Colton and Elise. And, I do like Skylar. She was just nervous. She is a spunky little thing. Who knows if I will ever watch this show again once this season is over. Something bad is going on with it. something that just isn't fair.


Thanks for defining your justification, but I have to admit you sort of lost me. Honestly, my opinion is, you appear to be painting your personal facts to suit your argument. I'm doing that too, but I'm trying to be completely honest. So, your CD collection, especially your faves, includes artists whose story moves you and with whom you are can connected? I sure hope you like their voice and lyrics as well! Look, I understand what you mean, but I think you are going a bit overboard to prove it. Yes, someone must be voted off every week. Yes, mistakes can be made and yes, Erika had very, very little chance winning this thing. But, as a show, I'd rather see (and hear) her next week, rather than Heejun or DeAndre. You say she has "almost no personality". Really? Come on, even you have to concede, that's a bit extreme. Please, please, go listen to "New York state of mind" again (objectively). She's got personality and heart and soul. Keep writing, Miranda... I'll keep reading. Just keep it real.