Army Wives Review: Stand By Your Man

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Claudia Joy found herself tested in "The Best of Friends" this week as a new commander, General Clark - who thought he was going to be named Corp Commander of Fort Marshall - and his wife, Jackie, arrived.

Although Denise had a past with Jackie that resonated with good memories, Claudia Joy felt an immediate threat and wasn't about to let anyone get in the way of her man earning his third star. As long as both gentlemen are posted at Fort Marshall, everyone will be eying them and their mutual quest for the star.

You have to hand it to Kelli Williams, she plays Jackie Clark as smooth as silk. She could talk the socks off of a freezing woman living in the streets, and only Claudia Joy sees it. Well, Claudia Joy and the viewers. I have no doubt of her insincerity, and desire to promote her husband and herself above the Holdens. I haven't heard whether she will be a more permanent addition to the cast, but with the loss of one of wives tonight, we definitely have room to grow.

Cheers to Army Wives!

Bless her heart that Roxy is a stubborn girl. From not wanting to move away from Fort Marshall to wanting to keep Pamela from doing the same, she is as headstrong as they come. Very rarely does she allow anything to stop her once she puts her mind to something, but it was hard to see her friend hurting and missing her husband. As close as Roxy and Pamela are, Pamela, Chase and their kids are a family and they belong together far more than she and Pamela.

It was the end of an era. Our original wives have finally lost a member. Not to death, or illness or a sad event, but to the beginning of a new life. She's standing by her man just as all of her friends stand by their husbands and wives. The montage scene was beautifully done, as they always are on Army Wives. I found myself at a loss for words. What do you say when someone so integral to show leaves, and you watch as characters you love say goodbye?

Fill in for me with your thoughts on what's to come. What will happen with Roxy? Who will be her next partner in crime? I'm wondering if she might befriend Tanya, since they are probably closest in age and Tanya should have something else to do on the show. Does this open the door for a closer relationship between Roxy and Roland? Even though our friends have always been close as a group, there have always been even closer bonds between certain characters. Help me figure this out and share your thoughts below. We'll miss you Pamela Moran!


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I love this show,the characters,it is real,the characters are so sincere,I love them all.I hope none of the others leave.Why is Pam leaving?I will miss her.


I love Army Wives and love all of the characters. I agree with some of the other comments, that this is by far one of the best shows on tv. I know nothing last forever, but I was so sad to see Pamela leave. I only hope this is for a little while.


it was so sad to see pamela leave, please tell me it is not for good. Roxy has to come up with a plan to get her back.Claudia Joy will win out and Michael will get the 3rd star. Nobody beats Claudia Joy.I love this show. I hope it does not end.This is by far the best series on TV ever.


Meow....claws were out from the perfection squad. A simple request to change the mistake does just as well. Brigid Brannaugh has been cast on Shonda Rhimes new show about a hotel in the 1800s. I think she's been hoping to break free for a while. Much luck to a talented lady.


Is Pamela really gone for good from the show?


Shes on a new ABC show


Does anybody know what is next for Brigid Brannagh?!


I worked 30-years with DoD fire protection as a civilian fire chief with the Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps and I found Army Wives to accurately reflect the fine folks of the military service. This is the best show on TV and the writing and acting is great. I see this show as an excellent training tool for young military wives and husbands. It also lets those who are not aware of the lives our military live and the sacrifices they make protecting us.


Claudia? It was Pamela...and you were doing so good! Haha-fail!


This is one of the most,if not the most inspiring TV series I have ever seen. The writing is excellent the characters are more than just believable,they are real and I feel as if I know them personally. The actors are superb and really play their characters to perfection. I love the story line and the patriotism it inspires and depicts. This series does great honor to our military and their families. In short,I love this series and I would like it if it never ended. My gosh,it is even moral and teaches morality,ethics,common sense, loyalty,family relationships that work and friends that work out their differences. What a joy to have such a wonderful series to watch on TV. Thank you for putting this show on TV

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Army Wives Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Roxy: Improvise, adapt, overcome. Isn't that the Army way?
Lestor: Actually, that's the Marines man.
Roxy: Close enough. Keep tapping away.

It's hard to believe. Two weeks ago we were all heading our separate ways, and now it's like nothing's changed at all.