Army Wives Review: Time to Strategize

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I'm really not sure what I thought of "Learning Curve." It wasn't an especially deep episode, there weren't a lot of interactions between the wives and even the stories were a little thin. It was probably one of my least favorite hours of Army Wives in years.

The gang had a lunch in Pamela's honor, at least, because real friends wouldn't forget about someone the week after she left. That was a sweet touch. It also highlighted how distant the group had become in such a short time with the loss of Pamela and the introduction of Jackie. Roxy lost her best friend to another state and Claudia Joy felt as though she lost her best friend to Jackie.

Would Denise really be as oblivious to the machinations of Jackie as she appeared to be? While I understand it must be nice to have an old friend back in her life, she and Claudia have been through so much these past years that their ability to see through each other's walls should be instantaneous. They both lost children and grieved together.

Nothing that Denise went through with Jackie could possibly put their friendship on equal ground. Claudia Joy never asked from her friends for help when grieving or when dealing with diabetes, but she was there for them all. Now they should support Claudia Joy without her needing to ask.

A Standing O on Army Wives

Jackie's character will surely be better fleshed out as time goes on, but for now she appears to be nothing but a very well trained social climber. Yet I'm conflicted. She held the concert and made a lot of money for the troops by catering only to top brass, but her husband told Michael it was important to him that they start a new policy immediately that allowed soldiers to leave early on Friday's to spend more time with their families. Perhaps their philosophies just aren't well aligned.

The All My Children reunion with Susan Lucci and Kim Delaney went very well. Taken out of the soap opera, Lucci's acting skills were far more impressive than the excess of Erica Kane. She had the dirt on Jackie and with her husband, Bryce, they laid out how important it will be for the Holden's to come up with a strategy to earn Michael his third star and win the role of Corp Commander instead of Kevin Clark.

Things are about to get a lot more interesting at Fort Marshall.

Elsewhere, Trevor dropped a barbeque bombshell on Roxy. While she pulled it off, she also gave everyone food poisoning. But what could have been a complete disaster gave them both a chance to hold their heads up in the face of calamity and Trevor earned respect from his men and Roxy earned it from their wives.

Finally, Roland continued to cross paths with youth center manager, Charlie. She doesn't take no for an answer and by the time the show ended, as overworked as he felt, Roland had promised to hold a teen counseling session once a week for 30 minutes. Will Roland be able to keep his sessions to that schedule? Highly doubtful. When he goes in, he goes all in. Once he sees the good he does find the time to help those kids even more.

While we didn't lose Fort Marshall, the dynamic of our wives (and Roland) has most definitely changed. I really hope Michael gets the third star and remains Corps Commander. I want Denise to realize Claudia Joy is hurting. I want Roxy to find a new friend and I look forward to seeing how Roland keeps all the pieces of his life together. What about you?


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Although I am a huge fan of Army WIves and never miss it, it is becoming slightly boring--they did not have to make Claudia Joy's illness to be "irreversable" as stated on 'upcoming scenes'. I have loved Kim Delaney since AMC and her part as sweet Jenny, but she is great here, and No person can take her place. And I do not care for the Jackie in this, yes Claudia Joy has fought before against rumors and backstabbers, but this is a shallow and not very good character and if they kill Claudia Joy off for a Jackie, then it better be the last season because I ((and daughter and friends) will not watch it again. And Denise has all of a sudden become Stupid--and the way she treated Claudia Joy, I have no respect or like for her left--that's the kind of friend that make enemies a better choice. And Michael? What a Wimp! He's just going to sit back and cowardly let that Clark jerk roll over him? Sheesh, HOW did he become a GENERAL without a backbone or fighting spirit? Not liking what they have turned him in to. Perhaps that is why the show is in peril becuase the writers have writers block or something and just throw something out there. Just saying


Love the show and have watched it from the beginning. Can someone tell me who are the women at the beginning if the show now that Bridget is gone


I think Denise realizes that Claudia Joy feels a bit left out, but she doesn't fully grasps how threatened she feels because Denise simply is not thinking about the politics of it all. to be frank Claudia Joy thinks way too much about the politics any one same ranked or varying for the same title as her husband the claws come out, remember Leonore Baker granted she was apiece of work but C.J did show us that she has an ambitious side. Anyway should make for an interesting show.


Kelli Williams character will be great. I wish they could keep Audrey (Susan Lucci). She would be great as an older army wife. Oh, and bravo Susan Lucci the woman did a great job as an actress. I read on the internet people saying they hate Susan Lucci or think she can't act. I am wondering though is it Lucci, which from most accounts she is a very nice lady, or is it rather the character of Erica Kane which has pervaded the entertainment arena for decades and become such an iconic character - self centred, witchy, over the top. But we can see Susan can bring life to other characters. I hope Army Wives would hire her to become a regular. Surely she could handle this with Dangerous Affairs, a new reality show.


I also hope they are not setting the stage for Roland to have an affair w/Charlie. That would be very upsetting. I hope at some point they bring Pamela back if only for a visit. I never liked Susan Lucci but she did very well last night. I think she will be a lot of help to Claudia Joy.


Unfortunately that is just what the military is like. You won't find much fraternization within the ranks. It is also not unusual for the officers to have their own thing going on that excludes the enlisted. Backstabbing is always going on because being an officer is more of a political position. Speaking from experience.


I feel that we keep seeing similar elements but done again: jealously and Caludia Joy fighting with a wife for a star/promotion, someone asking Roland to do work he doesn't initially want to do. Also if they start up another affair for Roland I am out. Even the food posioning wasn't completely original--granted it is a smalk thing to complain about and it was different characters and a different situation but still when everything else seems repetitive this bothers me too. We need new and fresh story lines with more main character interaction. Don't get me wrong I looove Army Wives. I am just a bit disappointed.


I think this episode was a nice way to set up the rest of the season; at least i hope that they follow through on these storylines. I agree that the concert to benefit those displaced should have actually included the soldiers and their families that had been displaces. Its been awhile since the wives have had a lenore baker type character to deal with so hopefully this story plays out well. Have they ever said what Charlie's connection is to the army? Is she a wife of a soldier or is it just her job to run the youth center. When she talks about how the kids need support it always seems to me that she is criticizing the army first and then supporting the kids second.


I agree about the show being lacking tonight. I kept thinking Roxy would get to go to the concert (I mean the only country person on the show and it would have been fun to see her meeting him and swooning). It bothered me they kept it at the highest ranking only to attend. Seems like it would have been better to have it at a local football field for all ranks to be able to enjoy. And as for seems like they are setting up for an affair between her and Roland. This is one of my two favorite shows, I hope they don't ruin it.

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