Bart Bass to Reappear on Gossip Girl

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Robert John Burke (Bart Bass) was recently spotted on the set of Gossip Girl.

Yes, Chuck Bass' father is returning to the CW drama this spring ... a significant event in that he's, you know, deceased. Burke appeared once before since Bart passed, as a ghost of sorts, or figment of Chuck's imagination (see pic below), however it's unclear what brings him back to his Upper East Side stomping grounds time around.

If we had to guess, however, we'd put our money on a flashback sequence.

Chuck and Bart Bass

There's plenty of potential material, given the mysterious, largely unexplored link between Diana Payne (Elizabeth Hurley) and Chuck's family, not to mention the return of Jack Bass (Desmond Harrington).

Jack's latest UES visit, as previewed in the sneak peek earlier this week, seems a little too devoid of scandal, doesn't it? This is just a hunch, but be on the lookout for a major Bass family history lesson.

In other show news ... there's this cryptic Gossip Girl spoiler.

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your write very good!


Chucks Familiy Dynamics... a welcomed episode




I'm looking forward to Bart's return and it is probably a flashback.


E! Online said it was most likely a flashback.


i agree, most likely a flashback...


Ed gave two interviews to the media in January this year, complaining of his role in the series. He explained that he was tired of playing the same character five years. Nothing changed in the series between Chuck and Blair, and it seems to affect. And maybe it comes and his personal relationship with the actress who plays the character of Vanessa. It is not the biggest mistake killing Bart in season 2 and after that the wedding Lily and Rufus. It is a natural sequence of events in the series, so it should be. Other events were a mistake - a distribution of a love relationship between Serena and Dan, as well as the inability to Chuck and Blair end up together. Back to Bart would probably be in the style of memories Chucks uncle or Diana.


Oh, I love Bart. Two biggest mistakes of season 2: killing Bart and merging the VdWs with the Humphreys. Don't get me wrong, I loved Chuck's freak outs after daddy died but they did it all too soon, should've waited until season 3/4 to kill Bart bc there was so much to explore in that relationship. That said, I'm sick of all of Chuck's stories either being around his *mysterious* family or Blair. Seriously- he's Blair centric for the first 1/2 of a season and then trying to uncover a family mystery in the second 1/2. I think they'll do flashbacks. I really hope there isn't a blood relation there with Diana, though I know they're going there, because Nate f--ed her!!! Gross! @Zoran: Where did you hear Ed is dissatisfied with the role? I mean it's apparent that he is (it's apparent that that they all are) but I hadn't heard of any actual complaints??


I think it'll be a flashback.


bart bass back!!! ok great

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