Being Human Review: Dream a Little Dream

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In "Dream Reaper," Sally made up a totally cool place to live. She had a groovy interior decorator, looked absolutely fabulous and was dating, well, herself in reaper form. It was easy to understand why she didn't want to wake up, even given her incredibly awkward positioning on the staircase.

As a Being Human viewer it was awesome to see her in different clothes showing off her figure, with a new hairstyle and what appeared to be a true smile on her face. I didn't even realize how difficult it was for her to grow when she was unable to change. I totally loved the way they incorporated her dream world with her live one through a chat on the computer. It was perfect.

In this technological age, what other way would you expect to communicate with, in this case, the living?

Reaping Out

So what I haven't figured out yet is if there ever was a reaper, or if Sally completely made him up in her mind. Was there a point when he was real and then just left her to her own devices and they were far worse than what he would have done to her anyway? I was especially lost when Reaper walked down the stairs during Zoe's mind meld. It was his eyes that went white and then Sally woke up. Real or not real? Yes, I'm actually asking that in a universe populated by a vampire, a ghost and a werewolf.

I thought it was weird that in her fantasy world, Sally's entire wardrobe was purple. What was the significance of that? I looked it up online and it said purple is the color of good judgment, and of people seeking spiritual fulfillment. I can get on board with the second thought, but not the first. When Sally saw the grey sweater in her closet and put it on, sparks of memory came back. I didn't need to look up grey to understand that.

Aidan and Josh trying to explain to Zoe they were a werewolf and a vampire was classic. Aidan had this pissed off look on his face and turned to her in a huff, fangs hanging, so she would get the gist of his predicament. He reminded me of a 10-year old girl trying to make a point to his mother. Once she got the hint that they really meant she'd be dinner if she didn't find Sally fast, Zoe stepped up her game.

The whole rescue of Sally was a complete and utter disaster. While Zoe was melding with Sally, Aidan fed on her. Josh was running around trying to figure out a way to save everyone from the wolf inside of him and Aidan was concerned with dinner. It was surreal, watching these monsters try to deal with the urgency of their plight. I was laughing out loud watching Aidan drink Josh, gag, love it and then vomit, all while Josh was worried that he didn't taste good enough, like a girl wearing the wrong perfume. Hilarious!

Really, you just had to see it. It's the stuff Emmy's are made of. The scene also provided some great Being Human Quotes, but both Josh and Sally were in a quote smack down for the evening.

While all Hell was breaking loose, Sally finally remembered she had already lived and the only way to get her death back was to tumble down the same stairs that got her there in the first place. The ultimate irony for our poor Sally, but she has become strong enough to handle it. Especially with her alter ego, Scott the Reaper, at her side. No, he didn't get away. Real or not, he doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

I thought it was a brilliant episode with the focus on our friends, how far they had fallen and how fractured their friendships had become. The sizzle of hot werewolf twins and the boredom of vampire politics weren't missed at all.


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Very very intense Episode!! Best so far. Tension, Horror, Drama and Comedy in an irresistible genius mixture. Left me speechless. Witwer and Huntington did a great job here. Loved that Sally realizes in the end, that her true nightmare is reality and actually her 'prison' was way more beautiful to live in.


great episode.possible emmy moments?could be.aiden lunching on josh is just plain funny,its also a credit to the actors pulling off the scene.good writing,great acting.lots of hilites but the one that stays with me is aiden in his coffin,spewing bravado at mother as casket door closes.i cant really get my head around 50 years or 80 years under ground even if i was immortal.


Just gotta say the last moment of the episode was brilliant, with the music intensifying, Scott in the back taunting Sally, Sally in profile in the foreground, and a tear shooting down her cheek right before the episode cuts to black. Also, I kind of wanted to see Josh turn inside the refridgerator, just for fun. But I'm really happy with what happened instead. It seemed like the roomies were drifting apart all season, but with the guys being there for Sally, Aidan cracking and allowing himself to be vulnerable in front of Josh, and Josh stepping up and being the strong one for all of them (which is a wonderful turning point for the character since I always saw Aidan in that role), it seems like they're all more loyal than ever to each other. Such a great and much-needed episode for the gang.


RIVETING episode! We're back to concentrating on our core three characters, with Josh firmly maintaining his role as the emotional heart of the group. No matter what happens, he always tries to protect his friends from the wolf. His scene with the refrigerator was both hilarious and heartbreaking. And, the way he stuck around & made sure Sally was herself, THEN allowed her out of the baking soda prison was so sweet. Am I the only one who wishes Scott were a real ghost? Dang, the man is hot but he is not good for our girl.


It's interesting how different sources give different meanings for colors. In a book that I've had for a long time, a meaning for both purple and silver (close to grey) is 'lies.' To me that seems to be much more fitting for Sally's dream world, since everything around her is artificial.


I thought this was one of the best eps I've seen so far. FINALLY Sally was allowed to break out of her grey-sweater shell (and holy jeebus, folks -- can we please get Meaghan Rath into more jewel tones? hotness plus!), and Zoe was pitch-perfectly odd, as always. And re: Witwer & Huntington: Having reached this level of comfortability with each other as actors, I would adore seeing Aidan and Josh in an angst-free comedic episode. Their timing is spectacular. Lastly, one question I kept coming back to was: if Josh's blood is so powerful, is there any way Aidan could live off small doses of it instead of having to drink live or resort to blood bags? All in all, I enjoyed the hell out of this ep. Can't wait for next week!


I loved this episode. It touched on things I thought about and wanted to see. Sally getting some actual focus that didn't get overshadowed by the boys. The state of all their friendships being brought up. Josh was clueless about the reaper stuff and aidan was preoccupied and neither of them have been giving sally much thought. Josh realizing that he has to be strong for all of them was great. I love when the three of them share the screen. I'm probably the only person who didn't feel bad for Zoe


Superb ep, great recap. It was hilarious and trippy. Aiden trying to control his hunger is classic TV. And we can't control himself anymore too. It was just funny stuff.


Great episode, with a perfect balance of horror and humor. Bravo to all. I also wondered about the significance of the purple.


This episode fell flat. It was getting good then blah. It was sorta anti-climatic.

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