Body of Proof Review: Outbreak!

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Oh, Dani. Just when I'd begun to like you, you're gone. It's been two weeks since the last Body of Proof  and "Going Viral Part I" came roaring back with a vengeance.

After seeing the previews I knew that Dani would be one of those to fall ill and I figured she had a 50/50 chance of surviving. What I didn't see coming was her getting slammed by an SUV in the first five minutes and dying in Peter's arms. I literally flinched when the vehicle hit her.

Luke Perry on Body of Proof

Peter spent most of the episode coming to realize how little he knew about his girlfriend. We all have things we hold back in relationships. Unfortunately, Peter always seemed to want something more casual and, although Dani may have started off that way, her feelings were growing more serious as the weeks past.

Peter was obviously suffering from shock and grief mixed with some guilt over knowing so little about the woman he was sleeping with.

All of this took place while an outbreak was spreading through the city.  As Bud said in one of the Body of Proof quotes:

Remind me to never investigate a plague again. | permalink

No kidding. Between the decontamination showers, the cozy gray jammies and the airtight biohazard suits, the whole thing ranged from uncomfortable to downright scary.

I couldn't understand Megan's annoyance at Kate having called in the CDC. When that many bodies pile up from an illness, I'd think the CDC would be high on the list of phone calls.

I didn't mind CDC Officer Charlie Stafford - played by Luke Perry - but I don't know that he added enough to the story besides someone for Megan to play off of. And the FBI came across as amateurish when they wanted fast answers over accurate ones.

As much as Ethan looked like a dork in that taped up contamination suit, I couldn't blame him. When you're watching people suffer and die while bleeding from their eyes and mouth, I'd be reaching for some extra tape too.

As Bud sent his wife to her sister's, Megan was on the phone with Lacy. I was happy to see that Lacy's diabetes will be an ongoing part of the story, as Megan asked her how much insulin she had on hand if she were unable to get home. I do hope we get to see that storyline played out in greater detail in the future.

As the hour ended it became obvious that Kate's needle stick would come back to haunt her. Now we have a set up for an impressive conclusion to our two-parter. With one of their own already dead, another with her life hanging in the balance and a madman spreading his contaminated blood throughout the city, the clock is ticking. Who will live and who will die on next week's Body of Proof?


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How unbeliebable is the basic premise that patient zero who infected himself and is now running around infecting others is still alive while those he infected have already died? How does this make any sense?


I would have rather Dani's own flakiness would have gotten her off the show, but the way they did it will just make her into a martyr. The show, tho, was GREAT!


I wonder if the guy at the bar ends up being the 'echo terrorist'


I liked the episode, but not so much about Kate keeping the needle stick secret. The writers could have done something else (her not noticing been in contact with patient zero, maybe??) and still have her fall sick in front of the reporters. Dunno, something else other than her knowingly not saying anything that she had been infected.
Saw the trailer for part 2, and phew what a deranged man patient zero/terrorist is!


Thanks for posting this-- especially for using that picture of Luke, that's me in back of him!!
Such a fun case and show!


Great show can't wait till next week


I was also taken aback when Kate didn't tell anyone about the needle stick that infected her with the virus, but maybe Ryan wanted off the show, and now she's getting her chance to go away at the season finale. I would imagine we'll see Curtis back as the CME, which should be interesting, as power brings out the worst in him.
I wasn't sorry to see Dani go, as she just seemed a bit too much of a sleazy person for Peter, who was obviously only into her because she was easy. I hope that Megan and the two detectives are able to find the slimebag who is spreading this virus with his blood so that they can put him down like the dog that he is.

Josie leeds

Is it contract renewal time??? Wonder who else will become infected???? Kill off Dani and leave Kate on the edge of death? Sure hope Jere/Kate has a new contract.....obviously Natalie/Dani didn't. Oh....I think Part 2 of this is season we may not know who dies until next season. Doncha just love the idiots doing the programming?


I was really disppointed that they killed Dani, I really liked her character and that Kate didn't tell that she got the needle stick just seemed 'dumb' for lack of a better word, maybe they won't kill her off too. I really like the show and it's the only one I never miss(or TIVO) I guess I was expecting more from this episode but some of the writing made me shake my head in disbelief. I feel with the plotline this could have been amazing, but will withold final judgement until next weeks show.


Can't wait until next week . Disappointed the Doc kept the needle stick to herself, that was to far out just as the whole show was . Have to list this one as big flop.

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