Californication Review: Playing With Fire

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This week we saw how Hollywood has been home to "Perverts & Whores" for many a year, as Hank's meeting with a prospective new agent took a turn for the weird.

While Hank was taking meetings Charlie was taking a beating, both professionally and emotionally. While I liked that he admitted signing Tyler was wrong, his heartache each time Hank would utter "mother fu-cka" in his best Mr. Chow voice was a bit much. Stu was right, though, there's no crying at the Palm.

Becca reading flirtatious texts from Kali to Tyler was also a bit absurd. Is that how they are really planning on getting rid of him? Also, Kali going for Tyler does the mile high romance she and Hank shared a disservice if you ask me. I thought there was more to Ms. Good's character. She never struck me as having similar values of say Lizzie. 

No one was shocked, I'm sure, to learn Lizzie swallowed her pride and then some to secure a part in Stu's movie, but I was pleasantly surprised that Charlie did not tell Marcy. It was clear she was going to blow her top if she found out it was Stu's all-beef thermometer that took Lizzie's temperature. There may be a chance for Runkle to get his better half back, but to tell her what Stu did would have been more self serving than considerate. 

Charlie on Californication

Hank ran into Trixie and, while they have always had good chemistry, were we really being led to believe that she and Hank will have a relationship off the meter at some point? While he has been enjoying the picket fence life with Karen, Bates was set to return soon, so perhaps the timing is right for sparks to fly between the professional writer and rider. 

Hank delivered one of his most heart felt Californication quotes of the season, however, when he admitted to Karen that he always thought the kind of life she had with Bates was lame. The joke has been on him, but will he get another chance to make the dream a reality once again? 


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good episode; great setup for the final 2. charlie is completely lost, i think is the biggest takeaway from the episode. i dont know if hes more devestated to have lost hank as a best friend or a client, but id like to believe its the best friend first and foremost. he did the right thing by not telling marci. one thing i found extremely interesting was the manner in which stu made it clear to him that he wouldnt tell marci- why would u want to hurt the mother of your child. kinda really put him in a corner, huh?
interesting we didnt see anyhting on the boyfriend, but i guess they are saving him for the final 2. looks like hank and karen are gonna get another try... again..........


There was lot of fun while watching Californication Season 5 episode 10. Hank spends good time with his beloved women Karen and Becca but again it gets crashed. Other side of coin, He gets opportunity to meet his idol filmmaker Lars Manderhoff.


Many bang-on comments in this review (fail on the Trixie scene, fail on the Kali bit, fail on the Runkle overreaction) but how exactly do they add up to a four star rating? It saddens me that the writing in this once-great show has taken such a dive.


I really enjoyed this episode - my only complaint is that here in Canada we don't get to see it until Monday nights. However, better later than never, as the cliché goes.... It gave me a bit of a schadenfreude thrill to see Tyler blow off Hank's warning about messing with Kali. Hey, he warned him, right? We *know* Samurai's going to do a lot more than merely beat him up once the truth comes out. I'm still wondering what it will take to get Hank to bring Runcle back into his bro-sphere again. We sort of knew the new agent wouldn't have worked - although frankly, I'd have liked to see that have a bit more momentum than just the one episode. And that director - Lars Manderhoff - was a major piece of work, too. Kudos to whoever played him. (Lars isn't a real director, right? I tried googling him but only came up with references back to this episode) One or two more episodes left, right? I'm guessing Tyler will maybe take a fall from a balcony, Bates will come home sober, and Hank will take off again back to NY, this time with Runcle in tow. Not putting money down though, because as we all know - anything can happen.

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Californication Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

All my life I thought that sort of life was lame, but now I realize the joke was on me.


Don't say mother fu-ker like that it makes me miss you.