Candy Clark Cast as JJ's Mother on Criminal Minds

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Get ready to meet a Criminal Minds mother.

Oscar nominee Candy Clark - who earned a nomination in 1973 for her role in American Graffiti - will guest star on the Criminal Minds season 7 finale as JJ's mom, according to TV Guide sources. The character will be named Sandy Jareau.

As teased by CBS, the Criminal Minds season finale will mark the final episode for Prentiss, while also centering on a hostage situation inside a bank and a wedding. Tricia Helfer is set to guest star.

The installment airs May 16, while the show returns this Wednesday with a new episode. Watch a preview for it above.


Cal....I am getting the feeling that Prentiss may come back as a guest from time to time on CM. And I agree with you about JJ. She is a doll face with not much else to offer. Hope that's the wedding and not Hotch to Beth.
Having JJ's mother tonite makes me think so.


@samantha jealous of a blonde airhead I don't think so. There are a lot more classier women to be jealous of in the world and JJ isn't one of them.


@ cal u suck jj is awesome. So is Will and her Son. u are just jealous so instead of ruining other people trying being nice for a change

Tracy lloyd micks heiba

I am looking forward to the finale with the exception of one thing. I am VERY upset that Paget Brewster/Emily is leaving AGAIN! :/ She just came back after we put up such a fuss last year when her and JJ were gone! I think she said it's for good this time; she's doing 1/2 hr. comedies. :(
Makes me think a little differently about how the finale is going to go!


I think it is a good idea that the finale is centred around JJ, as she hasn't had many highlighted moments during her time in Criminal Minds whereas Prentiss had several episodes centred around her when she left the first time. We don't need to find out more about her, but JJ needs to have more screen time. I'm hoping with her mother coming into the picture and a possible wedding JJ and Will could finally tie the knot, who knows. I'm sure everyone has their favourite character but if anyone loves criminal minds as much as me then surely you wouldn't mind who the finale is "centred" around. And JJ isn't a boring character, no one on the show is that's why it is enjoyable and watchable!


before saying that the season finale is not enough centered emily should see it! and then to defend JJ ... she is stronger as you say why it has become a Profiler! and then became pertner morgan .. only 2-3 episodes: snek eyes because during the case jj scored comportmanento of derek (cuz she's the best friend of Penelope, she and not emily). Then foundation because she has no experience as a profiler like emily to talk to that woman. But she is a mother and has the experience to talk with the children. jj has become a profiler before the dear paget would go away! and we have not ever had a season finale centered jj, on the contrary ... we saw a lot of emily (I mean kick ass) .. however these are only small news about the final and I do not think we should start complaining about what not or what is there before you see it ... sorry for the mistakes but I'm Italian


Only sad people love JJ because she as dull as watching wet paint dry. When did reid become hotch partner? Hotch is the unit chief he suppose to lead the team not have them as his partner. Which world do you live it. I rather watch rossi to jj any day.


Because Rossi a loser and Reid is Hotch partner and they werent foreced to bring JJ back they wanted JJ back it was emily who was forced to come back that why she leaving. Beside why spend some much time a character who leaving when you can spend it on someone the fanbase loves


More information should be given about emily character this is her final season so should be centre around her not JJ. Beside there more than one character than JJ and just because the show was forced to take her back they need to stop pretending they can make her interesting and stop trying to make her tough like emily. JJ not morgan partner yet and the show needs to stop pushing prentiss to one side, she hasn't left yet. Also why does JJ automatically become morgan partner why can't reid or rossi characters grow and take on more field duties I rather watch more reid than jj.


How much more Information do you need on Prentiss leaving maybe they want to keep that serct and the reason their making JJ stronger is because what the point of giving it to emily of she leaving at the end of the show beside these way they don't have to find a other female agent for a while.

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