Candy Clark Cast as JJ's Mother on Criminal Minds

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Get ready to meet a Criminal Minds mother.

Oscar nominee Candy Clark - who earned a nomination in 1973 for her role in American Graffiti - will guest star on the Criminal Minds season 7 finale as JJ's mom, according to TV Guide sources. The character will be named Sandy Jareau.

As teased by CBS, the Criminal Minds season finale will mark the final episode for Prentiss, while also centering on a hostage situation inside a bank and a wedding. Tricia Helfer is set to guest star.

The installment airs May 16, while the show returns this Wednesday with a new episode. Watch a preview for it above.


Again no information on Prentiss exit just more rubbish on boring JJ. So what her mother going to show up and why are the show writers moulding JJ character to become like Emily. She has one fight scene and now she all tough and doing more scene with Morgan like she his partner. JJ sucks as a character and totally agreed when the writers wanted to get rid of her. Bored about her and Will as well as her kid Henry and now we got another of her family member added to the mix


This maybe the best season finale since season 3

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