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Wow. Now that is an example of what good television looks like. Castle aired"47 Seconds" this week, an episode that brought out a special intensity and seriousness. It was full of the usual twists and turns, but this one felt different. This one felt real.

So let’s do it. Time to discuss “47 Seconds."

The Case. A Wall Street protest was ended early with a bomb explosion caught on tape. Our super smart detectives were able to determine what happened in the minute before the explosion. First, how crazy is the technology that is used now? Using the GPS on cell phones is pretty nuts. It can seem a bit like an invasion of privacy, but when you think of all the ways it can be used for things like this, it’s pretty awesome.

There were several minor characters in this episode. My favorite was definitely a toss up between West Side Wally and Bobby Reyes Lopez. Anyone else recognize Lopez as Bobby Reyes from Friday Night Lights

Tim Guinee on Castle

Iron Gates is Back. Captain Gates made a big return - and by big, I mean appearing for more than a minute. This character has seriously grown since her first appearance. As a fan, there was no one that could replace Captain Montgomery. Gates’ tough guy attitude made it easy to hate her, but over the past several episodes, she has earned her screen time. Gates has become enjoyable, providing Beckett with another woman to look up to and a personality that is different than all of the others.

This case provided a great platform for Castle and Alexis to show their father/daughter relationship. Stepping back and watching Rick be a father is almost as fun as watching him be a cop writer. 

Now if we could get the guys together again for a boys night outside of the precinct and see some BFF time between Lanie and Kate, it would be great.

I Remember Every Second Of It. Now to the biggest part of the episode for all of the shippers. After realizing that tomorrow is never promised, Rick decides to talk to Kate about his feelings. Just in time, he discovers that she has remembered everything from the shooting, including the infamous “I Love You."

So, where do we go from here? Obviously Castle is pissed, and rightfully so. He made a move and put his feelings out there. Although the timing wasn’t great, there has been plenty of time since then for Kate to admit that she knows. These two are close enough that Beckett is recognizing Castle is acting different. 

Martha said it best. How can you work side by side with someone when your heart is crushed? You can’t. These two are going to have to figure it out. Time to move forward. I know the writers have said that there will be a time for this relationship and that it isn’t now, but a little movement needs to be made before it becomes stale. 

Overall, another great episode from the Castle team. It was intense, enjoyable, and now has me counting the time until next week’s outing. What did you think, TV Fanatics? 

Should Kate have admitted to Rick she heard his “I love you?” Is Castle rightfully angry? Should Alexis stop working at the morgue? Are you starting to like Gates more?

Check back for the official Castle Round Table after you hit the comments and let us know what you thought of “47 Seconds”. Until next time, Castle Fans. 


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I think both Rick and Kate are acting true to their natures. Castle is an injured little boy and retaliates in immature ways. Beckett is methodical, her one mistake is using her remembering to work an interrogation (if you are keeping a secret, keep it to yourself at all times). She is going to be hurt by Castle's playing around and tell herself it proves she was right in keeping quiet without ever realizing she was the one to set him off. It is going to take some deep conversations with the rest of the team and then maybe Laini and Espo letting caskett know what idiots they have been. Stop the teasing and let the friendships (Kate and Laini, Rick and the boys) take front so when the heart to hearts come out they feel real.


Remember "The Thin Man"? Kate and Castle CAN be together and still have a great show. Maybe have them keep it a secret from everyone else for awhile until everyone figures it out anyway. I'm sure the writers can keep the banter between them great, they are after all fantastic writers. Come on writers watch "The Thin Man" series over the weekend and get creative with it.


I thought was Castle's reaction was exactly right for his character. Of course, he's hurt. Who wouldn't be? He feels stupid and Castle (while a huge hoot) has never exactly been a beacon of maturity. So he makes little snide comments and will eventually flaunt bimbos in front of Beckett, partly to hurt her and to convince himself he's over her. Those two just need to grow up, admit they have feeling for another and agree keeping secrets from each other (even those with the best intentions) rarely turns out well.


I meant what if Castle- "he" weren't around at the precinct anymore. Ran out of space. Rumors is that Michael Dorn is going to appear near the end again as her shrink. Yay... he's cool. Maybe they need to clue the audience in on why Kate is so afraid of getting hurt or maybe they need to revisit Beckett re-reading her old partners' note agian, where Mike Royce told her to take a chance with Rick Castle? Was she falling for Royce and he broke it off with her? SO much to tell.. so much to write..


Castle will get shot in the season finale and Beckett will say: Rick, I love you.


It's been a while since I screamed at the television.


Just a fabulous episode...I could feel Castle's was well written and very well played out...these two work great together in any relationship they are put in....building up to a romantic one makes each episode that much more enjoyable. Finally, some creative writing at it's best, no reality crap! I hope this series is around for a long time. Television needs more of this!


I would really be disapointed if they set up Castle's father to be the bad guy, like "Mr. Smith" in the season finale, with more on Johanna Becketts murder. I would like to see Kate's father re-introduced, where Kate talks to him, maybe finds out it was Rick who sat by her side in intensive care. They cut a scene last year where Rick met her dad going to Kates apartment, and they spoke- her dad telling Castle, be patient with her, she's alot like her mother and how I met her mother. THe only time we got to see her father was first episode of this season. I agree, Castle should confront Kate, not go off and flaunt floozy's at Kate out of anger.
Also, I did like the part where Kate looks at the empty chair where Castle sits.. and almost could read her mind.. what if.. her weren't around anymore?
I see where writers should have her sort her feelings out at the shrinks, or talk it over with her dad.. like Castle does with Martha.


Lanie/Beckett time might reveal Kate's feelings/thoughts on the relationship...


I'm a big fan, and a big shipper, but Kate is clearly in the wrong here. Enough with the excuses by, and for, Kate. He's laid his heart on the line for her, and she's just strung him along. His secret--that he's still trying to solve her mother's murder---only intensifies Kate's fault; he's doing everything he can to love her & protect her, and she's accepting his help and his caring, but not reciprocating. The writers' convention of keeping them apart by her silence is less and less realistic, and makes her into a lesser version of Kate. When was the last time she went to bat for Rick? Has she ever told anyone how she feels about him? Sure she's been through a lot, but she's also demanded, and gotten from him, time and space to think. He's quite reasonable in feeling she doesn't care about him. --We know, or suspect (she hasn't told anyone she's in love with him, has she? She told the shrink she's jealous, but has she said she loves Rick?)---that she loves him, but how long are we, and Rick, supposed to wait to see if that's true? Girl needs to get on with it, or let him go. Writers need to get on with it, too.

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