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Troy learned a valuable lesson on Community this week: it's not always a good thing to act like a magical elf-like man.

Indeed, "Contemporary Impressionists" stood in stark contrast to last week's return episode of this NBC sitcom. On "Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts," Troy couldn't bear the notion of Abed as anything but an Inspector Spacetime-loving, alternate reality-living pal, someone perfectly content to exist in his own universe, consequences and the reactions of others be damned.

Here, though, after initially castigating his friends for suggesting it, Troy finally realized there's a difference between life inside and outside the Dreamatorium - and that difference sometimes looks an awful lot like French Stewart and threatens to break your legs.

Rocking a Bar Mitzvah

It's simply been accepted for so long that Abed's use of pop culture quips and references is a harmless, humorous coping mechanism for his pained childhood, but there clearly are consequences for living in one's own reality at all times.

And even though Community is a sitcom at heart, it's also a sitcom that has heart, from Shirley and Andre's wedding just a week ago to Jeff's ongoing father issues. Incredibly, it can interweave a realistic, serious step in the friendship between Abed and Troy with celebrity lookalikes, Chang taking on a young security detail and Dean Pelton crying out in admiring pain at Jeff's aviator-themed shadow.

And, oh, those celebrity lookalikes!

I'm sorry, Gillian Jacobs, but I'll likely never look at you the same way. Not without seeing you walking backwards and talking in a high-pitched voice. And, as an avid viewer of The Soup, every reference to Ryan Seacrest simply slayed me, with Joel McHale simply taking his weekly, well-intentioned bashing of that do-everything host to a wider audience.

You're more handsome than the guy whose famous for being handsome. I would have been happy if Jeff were never served a helping of humble (apple) pie. The guy's swagger had a new swagger and I loved it.

Quick hits:

  • Jamie Lee Curtis? Why not, right?!?
  • For her sake, let's hope Renee Zelweggeer does not watch Community.
  • Jim Rash's fellow Oscar winner Renee Zelweggeer, I should say!
  • Note to Ryan Seacrest: stay away from Chang. He has heavy flashlights for people of your ilk.

As always, you can relive the very best in our updated section of Community quotes. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got an odd hankering to watch A League of Their Own.


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Also a more subtle call back is when Abed says "we made a deal Oct. 15, 2009 friends dont lie to each other."
Oct 15 2009 is the air date for 1x05 Advanced Criminal Law. The episode where Troy and Abed try and fool each other and ends with them saying "Friends dont mess with each other"
Also pretty such that was the first occurrence of their handshake Memories of the golden age of community

Childish gambino

@lemon its not that uncommon for episodes to be aired out of order. Its happened already this season and a few times in Seasons 1+2
and according to Wikipedia this episode was in fact produced before last weeks
AND it looks like they lost almost 1 million it looks like they didnt win over that many new fans =/


I think the episodes are in the right order, the returning episode was probably slated to air prior to the hiatus. Although the returning episode felt "a bit out of order" with the show's budget and cost to make each episode (roughly 2 million per episode) I seriously doubt that Dan Harmon had the luxury to release an episode out of order or cut an episode out.


I was wondering who Abed was until they said Jaime Lee Curtis. That was actually a callback to a season 2 episode where they were discussing other classmates by nicknames. Fat Neil, white George Foreman, Black Michael Chiklis. Jeff referred to Abed as brown Jaime Lee Curtis.


The episodes are in the right order, the ep that aired last week was meant to be the one to go out before their scheduled hiatus but Community was pulled before it was aired and this ep was meant to be the returning episode, hence the beginning. Thought this was a great episode of Community and the Dean's reaction to Jeff was hilarious. I also like the development in Troy and Abed's friendship and look forward to seeing where it's going although it was sad to see go for the special handshake but Abed walk away....also Evil Abed!!!!


The only reason I don't think this episode was supposed to go before the last one was the ending -- it had some strange Trobed foreboding. Troy was telling Abed to be weird the last episode, but telling him to take it a step back this episode. If this one were played first, then everything Troy said about dialing back + the Dreamtorium scene would be pointless ... Anyway, LOVED this episode. Britta was a fantastic MJ, and I wish Shirley had more scenes as Oprah - episodes like these are what make me love love love this show so much. It's incredible.


This episode, as well as last week's episode, was terrible. It's just not Community. There are no jokes like the ones we used to see, and the visual effects with the thought bubbles and ego apple (as well as Jeff's heart last week) are so unnecessary and unfunny. Hopefully it is just because one of the creators of Workaholics directed these past two episodes, because these were definitely not Community episodes.


Great episode. Very funny. "Your self-doubt is all that's keeping your ego in check" Dreamatorium/Inspector Spacetime/Evil Abed!


@lucky Think you're right (how many times has anyone read that in the comments section?). This episode was probably suppose to go first but they aired the other one because it's more "accessible" and thought it would be better new-audience-bait. But definitely thought this episode felt more "Community" than the last and am gleeful (that's right I said it) about the prospect of more Evil Abed.


Am I the only one that felt weird at the beggining when they are at the study room. I know it was supposed to mean that there was a time jump, but it felt weird, giving that there was an episode last week. They should have done it in last week's episode. I don't if I'm the only one who thinks this. Besides that little thing, the whole episode was amazing! I loved it.

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