Covert Affairs Season 3 Scoop: Rebecca Creskoff Replaced By...

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Rebecca Creskoff has landed a key role on the upcoming season of Covert Affairs.

Rebecca Creskoff on Hung

TV Guide reports that the actress - most recently seen as Lenore on Hung - will debut on the season three premiere as Lena Smith, a veteran CIA operative who will serve as a new mentor for Piper Perabo's Annie.

Smith will oversee her own division within the agency and act as the antithesis to Joan, mentoring Annie with a more laid back, friendly approach. But will there be more to this character than meets the eye?

USA has not set a return date yet for Covert Affairs, but look for new episodes this summer.

UPDATE: Former 24 star Sarah Clarke has taken over in this role, as Creskoff has dropped out due to a scheduling conflict.


LOVE this show. Its a bummer waiting for start of season. When can we see some new episodes this summer? The problem with so many of these shows is that there is WAY too much time in between seasons. (just kidding...kinda). What I mean to say is that when a show is so good and they break for hiatus... It seems like too long to go without our characters and their situations.
Just please dont change the days and times... I wont be able to watch.


I am not happy they are bringing in a new character. I hope she doesn't last long. I want to find out more about the characters we already have! I've seen this happen before on too many shows. They bring in a new character, and the original leads get less screen time, and it negatively impacts what made the show compelling in the first place. Whether you want them to get together romantically or not, the relationship between Annie and Auggie is central to the show. They are billed as the two leads. So if you give Annie a new mentor, where does that leave Auggie? Furthermore, where does it leave Joan? They've set up some great conflicts between Jai and Arthur and Joan, and conflicts between Arthur and Joan on how they handle cases and their agents. I want to see more of that rather than them bringing in a new character.


That's kind of unexpected. But it's great that they've found someone to replace her!


It's Alex's mother! #nikita


Hi, my name is Elizabeth from Mendoza, Argentina.... just I wanna say: "I love this series" but only thing is I´m not pleased with the ending... I really want Annie to get together with Ogi!!! :)


"Former 24 star Sarah Clarke has taken over in this role, as Creskoff has dropped out due to a scheduling conflict." Sarah Clarke was Nina Meyers on "24" -- the attractive but duplicitous and amoral criminal who murdered Jack's wife and got Jack into trouble more than once. If "there [is] more to this character than meets the eye," we can probably guess what that "more" will be.


Lena Smith's character may be a lot more controlling than Joan. Whenever an exprerienced CIA agent comes in to mentor a promising agent, there's always jockeying for position. It's an opportunity to show how well she can develop Annie. I personally think that Augie is a great mentor and an excellent actor who is exceptionally good to look at.

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