Criminal Minds Spoilers: Who is Getting Married?

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Paget Brewster will exit Criminal Minds at the conclusion of this season. That much we already know.

But how will the character of Emily Prentiss be written out? Executive Producer Erica Messer shed some light on that answer in an interview this week with William Keck of TV Guide Magazine.

Prentiss in Danger

"We decided not to kill her off," Messer said, adding that the fan favorite will "leave the BAU to pursue other things, which mimics what Paget's pursuing in real life. If Paget ever wants to come back, this exit allows the door to be open."

Messer even previewed Brewster's final scene, saying it will take place at the wedding of a couple with whom fans of the show should be familiar: either J.J. and Will or Garcia and Kevin.

"They'll all have a really rough Saturday with a hostage situation and then a really lovely Sunday," the producer said of the team. "To end a season on a happy note instead of blowing something up is very unusual for us."


It has to be Will and JJ getting married. Unless I missed something Garcia told Kevin she wasnt ready to get married. I would love a Garcia/ Morgan wedding. But that is my shipper heart speaking. And *high fives Sara* I thought I was the only one to think Hotch's g/f could be evil.


Its going to be JJ and Will. I saw 2 pictures, one had will with a kelvar vest on going into the bank, so he will be held hostage. I saw the second one, and it had JJ trying to get away from Morgan, Hotch, and Prentiss, which leads me to believe that yes, Will is going to be held hostage. I think JJ may be also. I think that J&W are getting married because Mekhai/Henry and someone playing JJ's mom are going to be in the second episode. I think that these 2 episodes will really focus on JJ and Prentiss and their choices involving their futures.


I don't like JJ and Will there is absolutely no chemistry there. I also would like to see JJ more involved in scenes and taking more dangerous chances. It would interesting to see her with one of the guys from her team.


I'm bummed out that Paget Brewster is leaving, but at the same time am relieved she's not being killed off. I also want to see Garcia and Morgan getting married. That would be a funny Marriage.


i want it to be prentiss and hotch but i doubt it. its probably gonna be will and jj cuz in the episode that just happened, the one where they found morgans cousin, the unsub said something to jj that you could tell hurt her. he said something about being here at work instead of being with ur son or being married, or something like that. but its most likely gonna be them. and morgan and garcia would be cool too.


I think it should be morgan and garcia who gets married they have that wow factor that the show needs i love them they are my favorite characters


To RayRay....there was a "romantic" episode with Reid, it was Somebody is Watching or Someone is Watching. When he kissed the "Starlet" in the pool. I liked the idea of Reid getting close to someone, but I also felt it was a very weird position for Reid to be in. I would hate to see the show "throw" a love interest into his life to abruptly, and I would also hate to see how it would happen slowly. I just don't think that is something we want to see with Reid overall....well, at least me. Reid is great on his own!! As for what couple "may" or "may not" get married, maybe have it be Hotch and his new interest....but have it be stronger than what he and Haley had OR OR OR OR... have her (Beth is it?) be a spy for a serial killer/group/past rival, and have it end BADLY, where HOTCH has to KILL her! hahahahahaha! I am evil1


It will most likely be Kevin and Garcia but I wish they wouldn't. The fact is Garcia wasn't ready to marry him before so why do it now? Pressure? Besides am I the only one who felt that Morgan was jealous in the episode where Kevin asked Garcia to marry him? Perhaps it wasn't romantic jealousy but rather fear of losing his best friend but it definitely appeared to be jealousy non the less. Anyone agree?


I want some story line to happen with Reid-- he has to get a girlfriend or something! i mean, its cute with garcia and JJ, but no romantic storyline has ever happened with Reid, and i think it would be so cute if they did :)


End with Hotch/Emily romance? Are you kidding? Yuck. That may make H/P shippers happy, (Not all though, I know a few that love the pairing but only in FanFiction) but it would make the rest of us unhappy. And as to the complaining about hearing about personal lives... It's what most of us fans have been begging to hear about! And now it's being complained about? My only complaint is there hasn't been much focus into JJ's personal life, and I don't mean with Will. I mean prior to Will. Erica Messer is doing a great job, but marriage? No. If it's JJ and Will, they have no chemistry and ALL we've seen is problems between the two. At least Kevin and Garcia have something, but I don't think they should be married either. I'm not a M/G shipper, as I feel they're better left to friendship but still don't want a marriage. Not at all.

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