Criminal Minds Spoilers: Who is Getting Married?

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Paget Brewster will exit Criminal Minds at the conclusion of this season. That much we already know.

But how will the character of Emily Prentiss be written out? Executive Producer Erica Messer shed some light on that answer in an interview this week with William Keck of TV Guide Magazine.

Prentiss in Danger

"We decided not to kill her off," Messer said, adding that the fan favorite will "leave the BAU to pursue other things, which mimics what Paget's pursuing in real life. If Paget ever wants to come back, this exit allows the door to be open."

Messer even previewed Brewster's final scene, saying it will take place at the wedding of a couple with whom fans of the show should be familiar: either J.J. and Will or Garcia and Kevin.

"They'll all have a really rough Saturday with a hostage situation and then a really lovely Sunday," the producer said of the team. "To end a season on a happy note instead of blowing something up is very unusual for us."


I agree with most of the comments. The show had great mescihtry, but, my favs have always been hobs (amazing actor to go from Dharma and Greg to CM) and Reed. So, lose them and I might leave the show. So, hope they get everyone back. However, I am one of the few that likes the new character, because, I heard she was going to be a love interest for Reed. So, I hope they might bring everyone back and keep her. They can cancel the new spinoff, even, though, I do like Forest, and, I think he is very talented. The show is not working, though, and I am watching it. I do not like the rest of the cast, though. I think if they did not make so many changes to the original, the new show might have worked. However, they started the show off with a lot of resentment for the changes to the original. So, the new show never had a chance. All I care about is that they keep Gibson, when this is all over with, him and Reid are the heart of the show. You need the boss, and, a character to root for. The banter of Moore and the chick on the computer is good (forgot her name, no disrespect). HOBBS is my favorite, though.


I know this wont be everyone's choice but I've always been a JJ/Prentiss fan. That being said, there's been some not alot but some sub text between JJ and Emily. Let's say it is JJ getting hitched and Emily takes a job else where as to not deal. It's shocking and a good way for the show to say "oh yeah we had a "gay" character for years. Without really having one lol. But, you have to admit that it's more interesting then JJ Will or Garcia Kevin boring wedding. I know it may sound a bit one sided but Will bugs the $h** out of me. Now that's just not the lesbian in me talking. His character is lacking over all. From Big Easy Cop to Mr.Mom .... Sorry I nodded off just typing about him. I do like Garcia and Kevin, but love the odd ball subtext with her and Morgan. That being said I'll take my lesbian subtext issues to Lost Girl lol.


I am sooooo wanting JJ and Will to be the couple that get married in the finale, because Pen soooo needs to get with Derek they would totally rock as a couple because their chemistry is off the charts, they would be amazing together.


Its garcia and kevin who are getting married and they should at least end the season with some hotch/prentiss romance. even just a kiss will satisfy viewers on both sides of the HP deal


@ Michael how is it being sexist to state a fact? You claim criminal minds is Erica Messer baby when jeff davis created the show and now you are playing the sexist card because you got it wrong. Get a dictionary and look up the word sexist. Fact Erica took over the show last season fact the ratings are at an all time low what sexist about that. Poor poor sad man got no valued points


I think that if Paget is leaving, the story should be about her. I mean, it's nice that someone is getting married, but maybe it should be Prentiss that's getting married.That could be the reason why she's leaving. She's a strong female character in this show, and I'm really going to miss her. As for a replacement, I don't think anyone could be good enough to fill her shoes. I think the team will be ok without another member, now that JJ is a profiler. But the finale should definitely revolve around Emily! Hey, maybe she could get together with that "hot,sexy British dude with a badge and gun," Mick Rawson.Lol!


@Cal Poor Poor lady you need to stop being sexist


@ Michael Jeff Davis created criminal minds so how has it become Erica Messer baby? Wasn't she an innocent bystander last season and didn't have anything to do with the changes enforced with the cast shake up as it was referred to and now you seem to be giving her a lot of credit for being key player on set. Maybe you need to make up your mind on what roles she has played in criminal minds.


I would like to point out that to you Cal that Criminal Mind is Erica Messer baby child she came up with it at College and have been a part of Erica Messer since season 1 so get your fact right.


@ steve agree last season exit was better but it was Ed bernero and simon mirrin that were the head runners then and clearly they knew what they were doing. Since Erica Messer taken over all we have had is romance,and characters personal stories. Is this what a crime show should be focussing on? And its all she focus on with her constant interviews about Hotch and Beth and now who going to get hitched first JJ or Gracia. Its pathetic.

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