Cryptic Gossip Girl Spoiler: Breakup Ahead?

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Something big is coming up on Gossip Girl (returning April 2 for its spring stretch run) ... we just can't spell it out what it us yet. That's where you come in ... and bring your vocabulary skills.

Michael Ausiello of TV Line writes simply:

"There’s a **e**u* on the horizon."

A Lovely Lady in Red

Have at it, word sleuths. BREAKUP seems like a logical fit for that clue, and there are a number of ways that could fit with the plot. Do you think that's it? If so, who does it apply to?

Share your theories and comments below.

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Its R and L, nothing breaks up a family quite like money or in this case lack of


SERENA and Chuck please. This will be awesome. Pushing the Limit. Those 2 characters working together should be fun!!!


Blair and Dan are strong til 5x23 at least !!! Yayyyy I have to admit I hope they break up then coz I will def sure they're endgame in season 6.


It's prob Nola but I don't give a damn anymore. Dair has to play out but they're so unbelievably boring. I try to ffwed through their parts but that's usually most of the episode anyway. If Dair are long term, they've gotta re think the focus of the show for season 6 bc Dair is the least compelling of the main ships this show has ever had by far. They can't carry the show like Derena did in season 1-2 or even Chair in 2-4. I love Chuck and Serena's pseudo sibling relationship so part of me never ever wants them to go romantic especially because I truly think they screwed up with Dair (comparing season Dair season 4 to now... it's unbelievable). The other 1/2 of me is like, well, why not? The shows already been in the toilet so why not Cherena? The best would be if Chuck and Serena could get a plot together and have some fun while trying to get over Blair/Dan respectively. And Nate could join bc it looks like he's losing another guest star!!


It's not Dan/Blair. Episode 20 guide has been released saying dan and blair will officially 'come out of the closet hosting a party together'


@ Carmen Zarceno
I am a big fan of Serena and Dan. However, at this point I would support your idea that Serena and Chuck to find some kind of a love adventure. They were both alone, and with all three Blair (Chuck, Nate and Dan) had sex, and with Vanessa too. So what would be the same with Serena!


@Jarrod Mitchell
Termination between Nate and Charlie is not the fault of Serene. This is a pre-planned, and the blame was on Diana, which is soon back in the series. This is a copy of the events of season two, when they found themselves in a triangle of Nate and the Duchess and Vanessa. The dissolution of the triangle is well known - Nate finished with Serena in season 3. @ CHAIRCHAIRCHAIR!
Bear with me a little bit. Unfortunately not yet time to break up the relationship between Blair and Dan. Coming soon!


Dan and Blair? I really think Serena and Chuck should have something..... IT WOULD BE NICE TO SEE HOW IT COULD DEVELOP, A RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THOSE TWO.


Its obviously Nate and Lola .... watch the Canadian promo


It wont be DAIR! DAIR will last. They are the reason I have continued watching.

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