Desperate Housewives Review: Life's Too Short

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Pardon me while I dry my eyes and put away the tissues so that we can discuss tonight’s absolutely incredible Desperate Housewives.

Last week ended with a bang when Mike Delfino took a bullet to the chest and bled out in the arms of his wife. Tonight’s installment therefore paid tribute to the neighbor, friend, father and husband we all loved and will always remember as simply an all-around good guy.

Desperate Housewives Funeral

I’m sure that I won’t be the first to admit this, but I was still upset that Mike was the unfortunate resident we had to see go. With only a handful of episodes remaining in the final season, I questioned all week long why it had to be him because I wanted to see Susan and Mike get the happy ending they so rightfully deserved. He was my favorite husband on the show, and I found myself still wondering why the writers chose this path when so many other routes could have been explored.

However, like Susan, I’ve now come to terms with what’s happened and all I have to say is: Damn, I’m going to miss Mike.

"Women and Death" was written perfectly, with a stroll down Wisteria Lane, focusing on flashbacks and memories of how the tragic hero impacted all of the women’s lives. It honestly was a beautiful episode honoring James Denton's Mike.

Nothing but praise to Terri Hatcher for making me cry uncontrollable tears. She did a phenomenal job and her emotions felt so raw and meaningful. One has to wonder if those tears weren’t solely for the purpose of acting, but were in fact real, because she was also saying goodbye to a colleague after eight years. Either way, Mike’s tragic death will certainly go down in Desperate Housewives history.

While Renee felt remorseful and guilty about what happened, I actually wanted to see Ben apologetic for Mike's fate. Then again, Bree was right in telling Renee that the day was about honoring Mike and not anything else. By the way, Vanessa Williams gave one heck of a performance singing “Amazing Grace” during Mike’s funeral.

I truly appreciated the flashbacks throughout the installment, as each one was special in its own way. From Gaby realizing Carlos should do what makes him happy, to Lynette deciding that she should fight for Tom, Mike’s death played a vital role in reminding these women, and even us, how short life really is. This is precisely why I have always loved dramas such as Desperate Housewives. Sure, the majority of the stories are overly dramatic and not all too relatable, but there are always moments and lessons, such as this one about death, that have an underlying message that often hits close to home.

Perhaps the best memories of the night, though, were of Susan’s wedding night. I started to get especially teary-eyed when Mike recited the only poem he ever knew, during the diner scene with MJ, but mostly while Susan struggled with her eulogy as she said her goodbyes and softly repeated the words he once said to her: I love you once. I love you twice. I love you more than beans and rice.

Then, I completely lost it when Susan, who was surrounded by all of her friends, broke down and realized just how different things would be without the love of her life by her side. Thank goodness for pals, though, as each one was quick to support her and let her know that they would be there for her under any given circumstances. It was a truly heartbreaking and touching scene.  

Elsewhere: I couldn’t believe that Bree got played for the oldest trick in the book by the police with her taking a sip of coffee and leaving her prints all over that mug. I mean, seriously?! That was beyond predictable, and I knew the police would run her prints and find a match with the prints found on Alejandro’s body. Bree should have known better.

I will admit, though, that I didn’t expect for the police to want to hold off on arresting Bree simply because they wanted even more evidence to put her away for good. On another note, if the police found Bree’s prints on Alejandro’s body, you’d think they’d also find several other fingerprints as well. There's no telling now what else they'll find out and what will happen next as the dark secret of that once unforgettable night comes to light.

So, what did you think TV Fanatics? How many boxes of Kleenex did you go through? Who was your favorite guest star in tonight’s heart-wrenching episode? What will the police find out next in Alejandro’s murder?


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The show debut with Susan depressed over Carl's affair. And now the show ends with Susan yet again depressed. This time over the death of Mike? Cherry embodies what is wrong with television and society as a whole. Mobid and depressing. You cant even get lost in a show without feeling more depressed. We grew to love Mike. Is it a problem to have somewhat a pleasant ending? I'm glad he didnt create classic shows like "I Love Lucy." He probably would have killed Ricky off in the 3rd season to boost ratings.


This was a good episode, I was surprised that I was crying for a fictional character though. Anyway, Tamara, it makes some sense to me that Mike was talking about love before he died--he was expecting something to happen, he was paranoid and carrying a gun around because he knew that loan shark wouldn't let this go. Normally, no, people don't get to declare their love like that just before getting killed. However because he had that feeling, he did. And that's the only reason it was believable for me.


The whole Mike death situation was not random. Sure, it's just Bree whose currently in trouble, but the whole house of cards is gonna come down somehow, and Susan and the others will all end up in peril. Soooo, I bet that that writers intend to have Ben feel super guilty about what happened to Mike, and have him decide to take the fall for the women, due to his feeling that he owes it to Susan. He'll do the noble thing and take the fall.
Ben's a minor character, and definitely expendable. Just you wait. I bet I'm right !!!


stupid frekin marc cherry!!sucks!!they should nt hav killed mike,they should hav to killed orson or dat old lady karen!!!stupid marc cherry


I don't understand why everyone is praising this episode. yes done well but they never should have killed off mike. too upsetting. stupid writers. honestly, give us some happiness.


Such a sad sad episode, I could see something bad happening to Mike after beating the crap out of that thug, low and behold it did. One of the best husbands on Wisteria Lane had to be killed off.
And like others have said, Bree fell right into the oldest trick int the book with the police. Such a witty/sly woman, but she slipped up this time.
Will she get out of this one. Thinking with Bree anything is possible. Guess we will have to watch and see. If she doesn't, will she go down alone? Or will others stand behind her?
However this was a tear jerker for I am sure it was for others!!!!!!! R.I.P. Mike you will be missed on the last episodes.


Incredible episode, great acting on everyone's part, just one of the best TV shows out there. WHY the Hell does it have to end? I have watched this since the opening pilot. We have structured our Sunday evenings to watch DH for 8 years now. I'm a guy and I feel like I know all the girls and I liked all the men including the gay men.


Good episode.

Tracy lloyd micks heiba

P.s. Forgot to mention! - The walls are closing in on the murder! That detective really seems to hate Bree! and now they have her fingerprints that match! I wonder what's going to happen! (Way to go Orson- not!)

Tracy lloyd micks heiba

Cry, Cry,Cry again!! I cried last week when Mike died and then last night - omg!- when Susan made the eulogy & M.J. put that baseball glove on top of the coffin- cried buckets again. Susan was just in total numbness about the taking care of the car; cancelling appt.s ect... They ALL did such an AMAZING job!! I hope that Tom and Lynetta get back together. I think that Gabby & Carlos will end up moving out of Wisteria because he wants to become a counsellor so they won't be able to afford there. I'm still mad that they killed Mike off :/ and I DON'T want the show to end :( :(

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