Fairly Legal Review: Are You Satisfied?

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I've always loved the premise of Fairly Legal. Having a lawyer turn mediator to solve cases before they get to court was original and ripe with potential. 

I also love the cast, especially Sarah Shahi as Kate and Michael Trucco as her almost ex-husband Justin. These two are so charismatic. They have great chemistry and let's face it, they're easy to look at.

But season one of Fairly Legal didn't wow me. As much as I liked the characters the show's stories seemed to lack focus and there were times when Kate's antics made her hard to like. So when I watched the season 2 premiere it was with some trepidation.

Thankfully, "Satisfaction" gave me a lot of what I was looking for. Kate Reed was definitely a little more subdued, heck even her wardrobe was kept to grays and blacks for the first half of the show,  yet she still kept her quirky, fun side.

Ben and Kate

Her sexy tease as she left the bar while she was mourning the end of marriage gave her an edge. It showed she's down but not out.

I was thrilled that they didn't drag out her firing. We all knew Kate would end up back at Reed & Reed. I'm happy we didn't waste a lot of time getting her there.

The new guy, Ben, was fun and his banter with Kate was entertaining. Ben questioned everything about Kate, from her commitment issues to her boat, right down to her coffee consumption. He better be careful. You don't mess with a girl's coffee.

Although I liked Ben I'm not sold on him as a love interest. I've loved the chemistry between Kate and Justin since the beginning of the show. I believe Justin truly loves her but he can't handle her sometimes immature and erratic behavior.

Of course Justin's no saint, as his confession of a one night stand while they were still married could attest. But Kate's mad dash from the room just seemed to highlight that she's unable to stay and fight for what she wants in her personal life when things get too hard. 

In the hospital, Justin asked if he ever really had all of her and even she wondered if she ever went all in with this relationship.

My biggest pet peeve has been Kate's relationship with Lauren. These two have always been contentious but every time Lauren's put out an olive branch Kate has knocked it out of her hand.

I hope this changes this season. With Reed & Reed struggling it would be great to see these two strong, smart women work to together to save it. We'll have to wait and see.

With Justin's campaign for District Attorney getting started, will that lead him and Kate back together or farther apart?  Would you prefer to see these two work on their marriage or is it time for Kate to move on and if so, should she move on with Ben?

I can't say I loved this premiere but it certainly made me optomistic for the rest of the season. I can only hope for full satisfaction in the weeks to come.


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I wouldn't say Kate's childish, I'd say she's scared. The two main things Kate has problems with is Lauren and Justin. She feared her father loved Lauren more and was running away. Justin and her jus didn't work out. Both admitted fault and the main problem is that Jason wants a relationship and Kate just isn't sure. It's an interesting fault, really. Kate can handle other people's problems but can't mediate her own. I think Kate is an emotional and beautiful girl. She has her faults but it isn't beig childish. It's being afraid and not bei by able to shake it.


I love Ben! He's funny. His attitude sucks but it'll grow to something we love, as character usually grow. Both he and Kate have growing up to do, perhaps they can do it together. I never liked Justin and Kate, but I do like Justin as a person. I'm sold for Ben as a love interest. I look forward to their growth together and apart.


And they needed the Ben character for what reason? He is obnoxious and annoying. Don't like this character at all. His behavior is not cute and the more I watch, the more I know that to be true. Come on guys, you could have done better.


I think that viewers would have much rather see Kate continue the path of working on saving her marriage and accepting responsibility for pushing Justin away and causing him to have a one night stand. These are messages that are better to be sent out ...those messages that encourage people to work out marriages by accepting responsibility. There is mixed messages here..Kate is mediating to help both sides understand and work out differences but the one thing that is so important in life ...marriage and commitment ...is being thrown under the bus.


My wife and I discovered Fairly Legal last year and looked forward to every episode. Thoroughly entertaining. However, this year, the writers decided to take a left turn in the wrong direction and add a very annoying character, Ben Grogan to go head-to-head with Kate. While a cameo guest appearance might have been acceptable for a Ben-like character, the writers have stooped to old-fashioned, silly and tired gimmickery to add him to the cast. I'm sorry to say that as long as the writers keep Ben in the show, we'll be channel surfing for another clever show that Fairly Legal was last year.


I watched half of season 1 -- tried to get into it because I loved Sarah Shahi -- but just couldn't go the distance. It was light, fluffy and lacking on all fronts except for Kate's character. Watched Season 2 premiere and thoroughly enjoyed it. USA was smart to revamp. Shahi is worth watching. And now it looks like we'll get to see what the rest of the cast is capable of, as this season's writers took a mess of a show and made it into something with "Satisfaction." I think smart choices were made that will get the show out of its rut and send it in a new direction: 1) Ben Grogan addition -- Love him. He ads just the right amount of cocky and cute as well as a much needed vehicle for a love/hate dynamic, some conflict and banter. 2) Kate's boat blew up -- this will likely get her out of an isolated situation and into a new one where she can interact with people -- and really, is she a girl who would really live on a boat?, 3) Husband admits he cheated. And he's now running for D.A. -- Good. I hope this finally shoves them off their mundane hamster wheel from Season 1. And if he's running for D.A., we'll likely see more of him. And after the hospital scene, I know I'd like to...


How can you say something so horrible about her when she is stunning,my guess is you are one ugly little girl who feels bad about herself,open you're eyes weirdo every one thinks she's stunning


I'm keeping this on the lite side so magnify my comments by 100 and you'll understand my true feelings about this actress! She is ugly! Her hair is beyond thick! I can only imagine what a disaster she must be naked!!!! I saw a preview/commercial for the show the other day and all she did was look stunned and cry!!! Just what we need... another Lifetime Channel-style third-rate show!!!! Who is this worthless actress and who cares anyway!?? The producers could have grabbed anyone off the street for this part.. Ooops... THEY DID!!!!!


I love Kate and Justin together but I'm tired I Kate! She is such a big a$$ baby. Justin clearly put up with a lot before they separated. It won't be until he starts seeing someone else before she'll realize what she's lost and by then it will be too late. As far as Ben I like him putting her in her place by telling her exactly what she needed to hear, but not as a love interest. More like the friend he needs because her other friend clearly doesn't ever tell we she's being a spoiled freaken brat!


I couldn't agree with you more! I feel the same on every topic.
I want to add that I love Kate with Justin, I really hope they'll be able to work things out but I hope Kate will grow up first! She's so annoying and childish so often! It's hard to watch. I don't understand she keeps bullying Lauren every single time. Why would she do that, why can't they just work together as mature people? Lauren is trying so she should too, and not act like a spoiled brat.
Ben added is fine by me, as long as the writers won't write him as a love interest for Kate. I fear they will couple up Kate and Ben and drag the possibility of Kate and Justin on and on. I think the show has good potential but it's going too slow. I hope it will get better.

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I do believe in fate and she's a fickle, fickle, bitch.


Kate: It has been a while since anyone has offered to buy me a drink.
Ben: Really, has the world gone blind?