Fairly Legal Review: The Politics of Death

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Fairly Legal came back after it's season premiere with "Start Me Up," one of my favorite episodes of the series thus far. I've always felt this show had great potential and finally it seems to be living up to it with captivating characters and absorbing storylines.

First I'll get one bit of silliness out of the way. Kate walking through the office in a towel would under normal circumstances seem ridiculous except for one important point. It's Sarah Shahi. I'm a heterosexual female and even I've got to say the woman is gorgeous. So if Kate Reed feels the need to make her way from the executive washroom to her office in a towel who am I to complain.

That the towel scene led to Justin walking in on her changing could have been played for laughs. I was so glad it wasn't. The hurt and awkwardness between the two was palpable. Justin wanted a chance to explain and make amends but Kate was still far too angry to want to hear the details of his indiscretion.

Fairly Legal Season 2 Scene

In on of the best Fairly Legal quotes of the night, Kate told him it wasn't just the one night stand that hurt…

Kate: What hurts is the lie that you told every night after. | permalink

Ouch! I do hope that sometime this season these two get to hash things out no matter where their relationship is headed. But let me be clear. I want them together…eventually. Their chemistry melts the screen.

The main case was really thought provoking. I've never known too much about organ transplants other than I've checked the little box on my license to donate mine once I no longer need them. Perhaps it shouldn't be a surprise that as with most other aspects of life, there's a large amount of politics involved.

One of my favorite twists was that there were no angels here. Roxanne wasn't just a woman playing by the rules waiting for her liver transplant. She and her husband mortgaged their house to donate $60,000 to the hospital in the hope of moving up on that list. Was that the right thing to do? If you or someone you loved were in their position would you hesitate to do the same?

Even the FBI agents had a valid point. The testimony of the Japanese mobster could save a lot of lives. Was that worth a pass on the transplant line? How do you choose whose life to save when there were so many on the line.

It was the shades of grey that kept me fascinated throughout the hour.

Even with the lawsuit between the fashion designers, my first instinct was to side with Lauren. You remain loyal to your client. But her client certainly held little respect for her and was quick to make a public spectacle of telling her so when he didn't get his way.

But Ben was also being loyal to his client and easily proved that she had the better case and would be a more lucrative client for the firm into the future. Ben's presence at Reed & Reed and the fact that they now have three partners will certainly make things more interesting.

The end of the episode held two of my favorite moments. First was Kate handing Justin the divorce papers that she'd signed. The look on his face conveyed devastation and heartbreak. He loves her. He doesn't want to lose her but is it too late?

And as much as I want them together it was great to see Kate finally make a decision about her personal life and move forward.

Then much to my delight she made the effort to get those insurance papers to Lauren and even told her that although she expected Lauren to be every bit as good as Teddy, she didn't have to actually be Teddy.  It's time to stop asking what would Teddy do and decide what Lauren will do? 

Fairly Legal's cast of characters is finally growing up and the complex relationships that are evolving make me crave much more of this unique and wonderful show.


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dmanflan, Thanks for that comment. But any connection between behavior on this show and legal or medical ethics is purely coincidental. On this show there were ethics violations by Kate (for talking to one of the litigants w/o his lawyer present or agreeing), Lauren and Ben (for continuing to represent their clients after it became clear there was a conflict of interest, Justin (for using a misdemeanor charge to help his wife), and ... (I gotta start keeping notes).


First of all, it's 13 episodes this season, not 10. I've liked Ben from the start. I think he's a star. And it's nice that he's not your typical steel jawed Ken doll. He's interesting. And he's got some balls. Ben was a much needed character as last season had no conflict and very little relationship dynamics. Without conflict there is no drama. Him being so opposite of Kate provides just the missing heat and spark. So far all the other characters have more to do this season, too and I suspect that will continue in a positive direction. Very strong episode.


Really don't like the Ben character. Don't think he's cute at all. Looks as well as behavior. Kinda chunky for my taste. Has no boundaries. Wow, I just realized, I really don't like this character and we needed this addition for what reason? Justin running for office, Kate finding her way after loosing everything. Them working on their relationship as well as Kate and Lauren working on their relationship. It's only 10 episodes, we did not need an obnoxious Ben too.


I agree with dmanflan about the lack of proper ethical transplant protocol. I thought they'd just split the liver and give part to each person, since partial liver transplants can be done. In fact, they can be done with living donors. Nobody in the show even mentioned it.


"only Kate and DA Aaron Davidson ARE neither nice nor interesting." Fixed that. Also, I'd like to see more Lauren-centric episodes. "Even with the lawsuit between the fashion designers, my first instinct was to side with Lauren. You remain loyal to your client. But her client certainly held little respect for her and was quick to make a public spectacle of telling her so when he didn't get his way."
     I think your and Lauren's initial instincts were correct. But, assuming for the sake of argument that Ben's recitation of the facts were correct, it became clear that the original client's position was unreasonable, as was his later behavior. By the way, law firms often have several clients within the same industry. However, representing at the same time an employer and a former employee/current competitor can sometimes be so uncomfortable, from a personal point of view, as to be undoable.


Deanne, good point, particularly as to the female patient. I think the script indicated that the male one was a year away from being in that condition. dmanflan, I think the story is alleging that the system does not always work as it should. I thought this was a well-written episode, with interesting story lines. I thought all the actors did very well, too. My problem with this show is that I neither like nor find interesting the Kate character. Yes, she looks beautiful. But of all the characters who appear more than once on this show, only Kate and DA Aaron Davidson neither nice nor interesting. These are characters I would not miss if they were gone.


In this last episode, everything was good until the end and hospital scenes. If someone has liver failure they would not look as good as these two recipients looked. They would Be as yellow/orange as a pumpkin.


The only problem with this episode is that it is not the way organs are allocated, in fact, the episode exemplifies one of the biggest myths about the process. All organs are allocated, AFTER matching the particulars like blood type and other medical considerations, based on how ill the donor candidate is, followed by how long the candidate has been waiting. It is illegal to buy, sell or negotiate. There was a real simple solution to the negotiation: report the hospital to UNOS. Any hospital participating in illegal transplant activities would lose their certification to perform ANY transplants. I was extremely disappointed in this part of the storyline and hope that there is some sort of PSA in the future that tells the truth!

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