GCB Review: Bullies Thrive in Texas

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"Hell Hath No Fury" like a hypocritical Christian scorned. GCB teeters on the edge of good and evil and can play right into the hands of the exact thing that makes me, and I'm sure many others, dislike bible thumpers.

What Amanda did when she was a teenager was total crap. Pretty and popular kids have always been mean and nasty to those who weren't in their crowd. We get it. But can it carry a show? Halfway through I was in resounding NO mode. I loved the premiere and thought there was a lot of promise, but this week was so over the top that I wasn't sure GCB could be, shall we say, saved.

Yet, it all balanced out in the end. None of the so called good Christian women are happy. They're all a bunch of miserable bitches still living in the past. They've brought their children into it and have taught them the error of their ways. You don't know whether to slap them or give them a big hug.

Amanda Vaughn Pic

The only character who doesn't deserve her lot in life is Sharon, and her husband is the one who still holds a torch for Amanda. I can't figure out why. She's portrayed like former foxy girl who is overweight and insecure. She's certainly insecure, but hardly overweight. My hope would be that she befriends Heather and Amanda and gets away from Carlene and Cricket.

Something I didn't expect was that Cricket had known all along that she married a gay man. Although there were allusions to the idea that she knew, when she came right out and acknowledged it, I had a lot more faith in the future of Cricket. She knows everything is not as it seems, and maybe that will give her some wiggle room with Amanda.

Amanda started the javelina (pig) and fox designations when she was in high school with a pretty bad prank on Carlene. In the age of bullying there is no way in hell it would still be going on, especially the mud tossing, but it's Texas. Who knows what really happens down there? The big question was whether Laura would be a javelina or a fox. Cricket decided it would be in their best interest to keep the enemy closer and saved Laura the humiliation the gang so wanted to put Amanda through via her daughter.

Carlene essentially runs their portion of Dallas. When she says jump, people jump. I have no idea how Gigi got everyone back together for Amanda's luncheon at the Booby Licious when they all cancelled on the more formal affair, but when it came together and Gigi told Amanda how proud she was of her daughter, I got teary eyed.

One thing's for sure, GCB will push your buttons. You'll be angry, and sad and then laughing and proud. Somehow the coaster ride brings comes to an end with a smooth finish and puts a smile on your face. It's a wild ride, but I'm glad to have taken the chance. How about you? Up for more?

Other bits:

  • Girls getting boob jobs in high school is despicable. They haven't even finished growing them yet!
  • There is no way in the world Carlene would plop that stinking pig in her passenger seat.
  • Guns and Texas - really?
  • Cricket's bed is the biggest I've ever seen. I want one!
  • I appreciate Amanda's desire to provide for her kids, but let Gigi buy them clothes. Skip the Armadillo Mart!


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This show is just to inane for words. I had thought it might be on the Desperate Housewives level, but it is in no way that "refined." Everything is too extreme; who ever heard of someone having "John 3:16" on the trunk of a car, the fish symbol yes, the "John 3:16" no. These women act like the "mean girls" in teenage movie, not adults in any way. The whole thing is just too much.


So far I love this show. The humor is hysterical and the riff on the Big Rich Texas lifestyle is inspired. I haven't gotten into the individual characters yet, but am enjoying the general atmosphere - which seems like a soap opera on steroids. Which brings me to the only flaw I've found so far - between the extremely fast dialogue and the heavy accents, I sometimes miss entire spoken paragraphs. Hopefully I will develop and ear for those who "talk Texas".


I think what some people tend to forget is that the show is an "embellishment" of what your typical stereotype for that area is...People take things too personally/literally. If you're an insecure, ultraconservative hypocrite- then don't watch it or complain about it. I'm in Southern California where the stereotypes are ENDLESS. We don't cry over the way the shows portray us as a "whole." Like it or not, the show appeals to a lot of people. We just want a show that makes us laugh. Take out the politics, religion, hypocrisy and you just have a funny show.


I live in Highland park, the show hits a lot of things dead-on, like the bullying and boob-jobs in high school, but there are a few things way off, The church thing is partly true, but if these people are the JL socialites the show makes them out to be, their church would be the size of a college campus,(think Joel Olsteen) not a little chapel. And where are all the pickup trucks? Even T. Boone Pickens drives a diesel. Come on GCB, have you even been to Dallas? And there is no way in hell those ladies would have gone to Boobylicious, curiosity or not, We may not all be Bible Thumpers, but we are definitely aware of class and appearances, and HP is a small town, everybody knows everybody's business. And we do all carry guns in our purses, but no one makes a thing about it. I will keep watching because its funny to see how the rest of the world views us.


As for Amanda being all-in-love with her husband and rich life. Hardly she is a recovering alcoholic who had the rug pulled out from under her. Notice how she doesn't seem all to devastated by his death, merely concerned for her children losing their father. Her unwilling to rely on GiGi's money has more to do with her trying to make it on her own instead of on her mother's dime or anyone else's for that matter. The first show established that when she was getting the gifts from her 'secret admirer'. She wants to provide for her children on her own even if it means working in a titty bar. Her pride however...


I actually like the show.
Much like the reviewer I wasn't sure about it half-way thru this episode, but was very much so pleased with how it wrapped up. It allowed a much needed shift in how/who these characters relate/are. How GiGi got the lady's to the boob-bar is easy. The ladies will avoid the wrong kind of association but are willing to forgo that when it comes to curiosity. The establishment being owned by Rip and Carlene, who by the way had just done a piece on the local news about her project and the changes she was introducing, would have been enough to sway the ladies. Cricket knowing of her husband's 'foreman' and her telling him it was the Booth's loss, after learning it was over between the two softened me both in my opinion of her and Blake's actions.


STUPIDLY ridiculous show...nothing like Desperate Housewives (which was refreshing & witty) As a Dallas resident it's insulting and just plain STU-PID. Gave it 2 episodes (just in case the 1st one was the "stinker") but the 2nd was even worse. There's won't be a third & I only wish I could get back those 2 hours of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Loss the gun part " mama wat are you afraid of?" (mom goes to the cabinet and pulls a shot gun from next to the broom and cocks it) "not a damn thing" Great!!! no girl under 21 should get a boob job. And if grandma wants to waste her money on the kids I say let her....lol Love the show so far


i really like it but i can live without seeing them go to church & the bible quotes a fair amount of the episode. i can deal with one or the other or even bible quotes & them mentioning going to church when it's suppose to be sunday but it's all too much in my opinion. i get the show is suppose to show there hypocrisy but i think they can show it with out going over board. other then that one issue on my part the show is unfolding charterer wise pretty well.


So far I have loved the show! It's pure entertainment which is all it's really aupposed to be right? One thing I hope they do (if the show survives) is bring back Booth!!! What eye candy he is and he could really stir the pot in that town.

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GCB Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Gigi: You know it was awfully nice of her to dedicate this song to you.
Amanda: Mother, Jesus Take The Wheel? My husband died in a car crash.

Nothing ever blows over with Carlene. Be afraid. Be very afraid.