Gossip Girl Canadian Promo: Seven Deadly Sins

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Greed. Pride. Sloth. Gluttony. Lust. Envy. Wrath.

Next Monday night's Gossip Girl spring premiere, "Con Heir," has it all, according to this Canadian promo featuring some new snippets. In particular, it looks like Ivy's battle with the van der Woodsen's is just beginning. Will this end up being a sinfully delightful installment, or a haphazard disappointment like parts of this season have been?

Check out the teaser for the much-anticipated episode below:

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Elevator sex!!!!! Can't wait !!!


Oh God, I hope Dan and Blair are in at least in a cab and not a limo.Not that that's much better, honestly. Still way too much de ja vu. If Dair have tipsy sex in a limo, cab or the floor of any other vehicle it's clear this show has no idea what to do whatsoever. No, just no. Between the "say it again thing" before the break, the repeating of "three words,eight letter three syllables" in the season 5 premiere and now possibly sex on the floor of the cab or whatever, Dair will be basically be a healthier, less toxic and far more boring version of Chair. I was def down for Dair but not if it's a shoddy repeat of Chair. So they ruin the memories of Chair and fail to create something new and exciting for Dair, which they actually did from 4.12-4.17! Agh I didn't know if hookers and Jack can get me to tune into this. Spam away, dear spammer, this show doesn't deserve a dialogue anyway. Sad that spamming is easier to read than Team Dair v Team Chair.


Seriously chosenone, get a life. I would be embarrassed of myself if I had nothing better to do than post repetitive, boring garbage on website comment sections.


@Felipe: If you're referring to what Blair says in the cab (?), it's "I need another drink". So looks like drunk sex will be their savior. Whatever. Clean up these trolls, TVF.


balir says "i love your dan humpfrey"?


lmao. People are already crying. Chuck and Blair are the only ones allowed to get it on in a limo? Well, it's not a limo but a cab.


I am very much hooked with the Van Der Woodens Vs Ivy drama, also Lola + Serena. Less interested with Dan and Blair thingy.


@chris150 .. I hope it's not, but it looks like a limo scene.
so THAT would definitely be horrible.


Please, don't tell that's a limo scene (at 0:24)!


Wrath leads to good sex, huh?