Gossip Girl Chair Tribute Video Contest Finalists: Watch, Vote Now!

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TV Fanatic has narrowed down dozens of submissions for our Gossip Girl Chair video tribute contest to the six finalists below. Now it's time to vote on the half dozen favorites selected by our editors!

Before Dan-Blair 'shippers go insane, a reminder - this Chair contest is due to the huge success of the previous Dair video tribute contest. We've already honored Dair, and you can still watch those videos!

As a second reminder, we considered only videos submitted by registered TV Fanatic users under the contest rules. We realize there are many other awesome videos not featured here. That's the reason.

What's at stake here? The winning video will be featured on our homepage, Twitter, and Facebook, and the more votes are cast, the more likely we are to run contests for more couples and shows.

AND its creator wins a a $50 iTunes gift card! So what are you waiting for? Let's choose a winner! The video with the most votes by Tuesday, March 13 (we extended it one additional day) wins!

So let's get cracking ...

Finalist #1: "Poison and Wine" by bumcrackmosh ...

Finalist #2: "Sometimes Love Isn't Enough" by Livelovelaugh ...

Finalist #3: "The Boy Saw The Comet" by GossipGleek (CB & FR FTW!) ...

Finalist #4: "Three Wishes" by Zenebazh ...

Finalist #5: "When You Love Someone" by kerenush ...

Finalist #6: "Say When" by StephanieG ...

Which Chair tribute video is your favorite?

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

#1 - Poison and Wine

#2 - Sometimes Love Isn't Enough

#3 - The Boy Saw The Comet

#4 - Three Wishes

#5 - When You Love Someone

#6 - Say When

Total Votes: 1627

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After watching these videos I remembered why I like DAIR so much more...these videos remind me why I disliked them from the beginning. Their relationship has no basis and is uninteresting!


It's gotta be hard to create a video with almost 5 years of material to work with. There's many great scenes to work with, almost too many to fit into such a short time period. Congrats to all the finalists. @TVF168 There really are a lot of great Chair centered videos out there with nice themes, music and choice of scenes. It's possible a lot of the more known editors didn't submit, didn't know this was going on or whatever.


Although I'm Ship-Neutral, none of these moved me to tears like the Dair videos did. Either the passion isn't there in the Chair relationship, or it isn't there in the Chair fans (despite comments to the contrary that fill up this website every fricking post). My basic judging criteria were Choice & Use of Music, Choice & Use of footage to tell their story, and overall emotional feeling as a result of watching said video. That said, I voted for #4 basically by process of elimination. #1,2 & 6: I couldn't finish watching because they were so boring. #5: I couldn't finish because it was so annoying. #3: I finished it but it left me with a great big Question Mark. #4: I finished it and it was decent, nice. Ergo, Winner By Default.


Feasting on this! Let me love you, vidders! Congratulations to the finalists, they're all wonderful videos!


oh how i miss and love my chair. i hope that these videos will show dair-fans how wrong they are. dair can NEVER be what chair are. never will i stop shipping them


Does anyone else love how the writers found a way for Chuck to be romantic while still allowing him to stay true to he is, flaws and all?
The fact that he always lets Blair go, secretly helps her and admires her from afar are things only someone with Chuck's issues would have to do for someone he loves. Its tragic, bittersweet and so "heart-skips-a-beat" romantic.


Hmm, I've seen a lot of other good/better Chair vids, but alas if we must chose from these the first one should win fare and square it was just marvelous


So many great Chuck and Blair videos that capture the beauty and tragedy of their romance. I firmly believe they are going to have a happy ending once the show is done deconstructing them and letting them have their breathing room. I love the songs used for the first 2, and I think the videos themselves are great. And "The Boy Saw The Comet" is such a great piece of dialogue to use for Chuck and Blair. It works perfectly! I can't decide who to vote for, haha. I wish I could we have gotten all the great CB vidders to submit the appropriate way, but alas. These are all amazing, anyway!


Now it's time for Derena !


Ehhh, too much wistful in all of these songs. Where was the power ballad? Plus it seemed that almost all of the videos were made during the first two seasons. Were there no good new ones submitted?


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