Gossip Girl Chair Tribute Video Contest Finalists: Watch, Vote Now!

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TV Fanatic has narrowed down dozens of submissions for our Gossip Girl Chair video tribute contest to the six finalists below. Now it's time to vote on the half dozen favorites selected by our editors!

Before Dan-Blair 'shippers go insane, a reminder - this Chair contest is due to the huge success of the previous Dair video tribute contest. We've already honored Dair, and you can still watch those videos!

As a second reminder, we considered only videos submitted by registered TV Fanatic users under the contest rules. We realize there are many other awesome videos not featured here. That's the reason.

What's at stake here? The winning video will be featured on our homepage, Twitter, and Facebook, and the more votes are cast, the more likely we are to run contests for more couples and shows.

AND its creator wins a a $50 iTunes gift card! So what are you waiting for? Let's choose a winner! The video with the most votes by Tuesday, March 13 (we extended it one additional day) wins!

So let's get cracking ...

Finalist #1: "Poison and Wine" by bumcrackmosh ...

Finalist #2: "Sometimes Love Isn't Enough" by Livelovelaugh ...

Finalist #3: "The Boy Saw The Comet" by GossipGleek (CB & FR FTW!) ...

Finalist #4: "Three Wishes" by Zenebazh ...

Finalist #5: "When You Love Someone" by kerenush ...

Finalist #6: "Say When" by StephanieG ...

Which Chair tribute video is your favorite?

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

#1 - Poison and Wine

#2 - Sometimes Love Isn't Enough

#3 - The Boy Saw The Comet

#4 - Three Wishes

#5 - When You Love Someone

#6 - Say When

Total Votes: 1627

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I voted for #1 but congrats to all the finalists (and retroactively to all the Dair vid finalists too). Thanks for reminding me why I loved this couple- Ed & Leighton primarily! @Sam- I think the tragedy in CB's relationship is the major appeal (well in addition to great chemistry and hot sex lol). They're star crossed, always just a bit out of synch. I know Chair fans want them to be happy but I honestly think 4x22 -or something like that - is/was the most appropriate ending for this couple. If the writers can figure out how to quit with the "let's throw sh-t at the wall and see what sticks" schtick they have going on now, the best thing for them to do with Chair is to deconstruct them and re-build them up again somewhere down the line.


I loved the first video because the song though tragic fits their relationship so well. You can see how complex it was and always will be (to some people that makes it epic) and usually with a love like that, it just can't end well. Epic usually equates to tragic so I can understand where the writers are going with their story. You can't deny their love but you can't also deny that it can most probably never end happily. Blair will always love Chuck but as she said in the last episode it doesn't mean she's in love with him. Listen to the song and its lyrics. Really beautiful song and bumcrackmosh did a great job bringing out the story with the song!! So good!


these videos remind me that people are always saying how chuck has hurt blair but if we remember she has hurt him many times also. I´m not saying the man is a saint but don´t make him the only bad guy in the relationship


I LOVED all of these videos. I have always been a Chair fan since Season 1 and if I am honest I had started to want Dair to happen and be endgame but after seeing these videos it has reminded me what an EPIC couple Chuck & Blair are and I am praying they get back together!


@Where's Waldorf, It would be a little easier if Blair was leaving Nate for Chuck. But its Dan here people. who always be there for whatever she needs.


I think that both Blair and Dan created perfect images of the other in their heads. Dan created Claire and Blair thinks that Dan is a perfect friend or whatever. And when they realize that their images in their heads don't correspond to reality, that's when their relationship will start to fall apart.
At least Chuck loved Blair for what she was and Blair knew the issues Chuck had and tried to help them through them (and imo, she did have a positive impact).
I hope that they will get back together, but before that I would really love to see Blair being independent and have a storyline outside her love life. Something college/career related.


I wish that people would stop arguing over chair/dair and focus on these videos. As someone who made one of these videos i am proud to be up here but for 2 pages there is hardly nothing about the videos just chair/dair arguments! Grow up!!


Even if I am a Dair Fan, I would like to congrats people who made those videos! I really enjoyed it!


It would be a little easier if Blair was leaving Marcus for Dan. But its Chuck here people. Not some guy that was a passing fancy for Blair.


Nair & Cherena


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