Gossip Girl Chair Tribute Video Contest Finalists: Watch, Vote Now!

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TV Fanatic has narrowed down dozens of submissions for our Gossip Girl Chair video tribute contest to the six finalists below. Now it's time to vote on the half dozen favorites selected by our editors!

Before Dan-Blair 'shippers go insane, a reminder - this Chair contest is due to the huge success of the previous Dair video tribute contest. We've already honored Dair, and you can still watch those videos!

As a second reminder, we considered only videos submitted by registered TV Fanatic users under the contest rules. We realize there are many other awesome videos not featured here. That's the reason.

What's at stake here? The winning video will be featured on our homepage, Twitter, and Facebook, and the more votes are cast, the more likely we are to run contests for more couples and shows.

AND its creator wins a a $50 iTunes gift card! So what are you waiting for? Let's choose a winner! The video with the most votes by Tuesday, March 13 (we extended it one additional day) wins!

So let's get cracking ...

Finalist #1: "Poison and Wine" by bumcrackmosh ...

Finalist #2: "Sometimes Love Isn't Enough" by Livelovelaugh ...

Finalist #3: "The Boy Saw The Comet" by GossipGleek (CB & FR FTW!) ...

Finalist #4: "Three Wishes" by Zenebazh ...

Finalist #5: "When You Love Someone" by kerenush ...

Finalist #6: "Say When" by StephanieG ...

Which Chair tribute video is your favorite?

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

#1 - Poison and Wine

#2 - Sometimes Love Isn't Enough

#3 - The Boy Saw The Comet

#4 - Three Wishes

#5 - When You Love Someone

#6 - Say When

Total Votes: 1627

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@Mysterious "nobody watches TV for realistic relationships, they watch it for great loves" THANKYOU! If I wanted to watch normal people's problems and relationships I'd watch Glee or One Tree Hill. I have tried to prove that point 1000 times only for people to go on about how abusive Chuck was to her. Blair has just come across as the victim in the past because she always says things about her relationship with Chuck like "its bad" and "he keeps trying to ruin my life." This season she finally accepted that she was wrong about him and the only times he turned dark is when he's afraid of losing her or she triggered it herself. She set the premise for the style of their relationship when she schemed against him in the first half of season 3. To put that completely on Chuck is unfair. And quite a lot of judgement from fans who have watched this show from the beginning and know exactly how tough Chuck's tragedy of a life has been.


No video will ever beat dair video #1 -- I got You -- off the Dair video tribute contest...
Chair is nice and all but that video was masterpiece!


Yay!! Found new pics of chuck and blair together in future scenes --- no ring, he has his arm around her, and they look like they are together! :D


Great videos! Great actors! Great couple! Ah Seasons 1 and 2... those were the days that GG was truly a great show. It was light hearted and fun now it feels like the writers just throw in useless fluff to drag it out to 6 seasons. For me Dair is a part of that fluff. What I don't understand is why the writers think that if Chair gets together and stays together it will be boring to watch. I think it would be great to see Chair get married and stay together for a whole season. There are plenty of dramatic things that can happen to a couple without breaking them apart. Anyways, great videos! I hope Chair gets back together soon!

Dr hollis

Also, just like you wish you'd had the Dair contest when Dair was on -- Chair's not on right now, while we're having OUR contest. So in my view, things are more than even, especially after that last episode.

Dr hollis

Dair Forever - I'm glad you mentioned the tornado victims. But really, you couldn't have just left your first nice comment about the Chair contest? You just had to argue for Dair? Here? Really? I could see if it were a general thread, or a Dair vs. Chair thread, but that's kind of the behavior that Chair fans have been accused of engaging in this past season. Now, if I'd done this in a Dair thread, or especially a Dair video contest anywhere in GG fandom, I would have been (rightfully) torn to pieces. Even on our Chair thread, someone mentioned some baiting that a Dair fan had done earlier -- and were immediately admonished by several veterans to not bash individuals on another ship. Just trying to be a gentle voice of reason here -- no one is exempt from being a good citizen & being mannerable. We see things differently, but in the end, we're fans of the same show.

Dair for ever

And a final note not GG-related at all - we all know of the terrible tornadoes ripping apart people's lives in Indiana, Kentucky and other places...it's been horrible seeing the lives destroyed and i cannot imagine what they must be going through...so in any way you can, whether through prayers or even with the smallest of donations, please find a way to send them help from the many reliable helpline services and please contribute. Thanks!

Dair for ever

Viewing these Chair tributes and also the Dair ones just made me stronger in my belief that Dair, Dan and Blair belong together. They are like the ying and yang, like pasta and cheese, like spring and flowers...they just GO together. Already missing Dair and can't wait for GG to be back.

Dair for ever

@ S I so agree with you. Except I wish that now on, now that Blair has realized/is honest about her love for Dan, we will see more from her side too...I mean a one way relationship can never work...'least not in real life and by the looks of it on tv too esp. with Chair. So with Dair, I do hope that as loving and giving as Dan is towards Blair, Blair will also be vocal about and more importantly will show her love for Dan.

Dair for ever

And to some of the commenters - please, but if you think Dair lovers will not mention Dair on here you're being unrealistic! So nothing can be done about it now but I think the Dair contest should have been now when we have finally been given Dair, rather than back then when we were wishin' and hopin' for Dair but things hadn't taken off yet. Chair is so old that there were plenty of scenes to work with even in 2011. Just an observation as a fan of the series and this site. Have to admit that despite it being only the very early stages of Dair, the fans did a fab job making those videos.


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