Gossip Girl Chair Tribute Video Contest Finalists: Watch, Vote Now!

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TV Fanatic has narrowed down dozens of submissions for our Gossip Girl Chair video tribute contest to the six finalists below. Now it's time to vote on the half dozen favorites selected by our editors!

Before Dan-Blair 'shippers go insane, a reminder - this Chair contest is due to the huge success of the previous Dair video tribute contest. We've already honored Dair, and you can still watch those videos!

As a second reminder, we considered only videos submitted by registered TV Fanatic users under the contest rules. We realize there are many other awesome videos not featured here. That's the reason.

What's at stake here? The winning video will be featured on our homepage, Twitter, and Facebook, and the more votes are cast, the more likely we are to run contests for more couples and shows.

AND its creator wins a a $50 iTunes gift card! So what are you waiting for? Let's choose a winner! The video with the most votes by Tuesday, March 13 (we extended it one additional day) wins!

So let's get cracking ...

Finalist #1: "Poison and Wine" by bumcrackmosh ...

Finalist #2: "Sometimes Love Isn't Enough" by Livelovelaugh ...

Finalist #3: "The Boy Saw The Comet" by GossipGleek (CB & FR FTW!) ...

Finalist #4: "Three Wishes" by Zenebazh ...

Finalist #5: "When You Love Someone" by kerenush ...

Finalist #6: "Say When" by StephanieG ...

Which Chair tribute video is your favorite?

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

#1 - Poison and Wine

#2 - Sometimes Love Isn't Enough

#3 - The Boy Saw The Comet

#4 - Three Wishes

#5 - When You Love Someone

#6 - Say When

Total Votes: 1627

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Dair for ever

Very nicely done and lovely videos all though I clearly knew my favorite :) And Ed and Leighton are just gorgeous to look at! The videos reminded me of why I used to like Chair way back when.


I loved all these videos! I am a chair shipper all the way I definitely think they are endgame and dair is just a distraction...I love Dan but he is not meant for Blair...they wouldn't have spent 4 seasons on chuck and Blair only to have Blair and Dan end up together it would be really bad tv if they did...but as many have pointed out this is TV and therefore relationships are never easy...just my 2 cents...great job to all the video creators!


ugh, my post was cut off.


All of these videos were great and congrats to all the fanalists! I wish the people from Tvfanatic didnt put that comment telling Dair shippers' not to go insane. Can I go anywhere where Dair is not mentioned? That would truly be lovely. Chair forever


Thank God that @Strolling isn't trolling here. Guess he is a chair fan too.
#1 is leading, but I voted for #3. Better song.


I voted for Poison and Wine. Others are nice too. And a message to fellow Dairdevils. Lets not argue on this page as people have put a lot of work here. Just saying.


@queenbee94 Thanks so much for your kind words on my video. Means a lot :) It makes me feel so happy haha. Glad to hear you liked it.


OMG I MADE IT =O OMGGGGGGG wow. No way I'm gonna beat bumcrackmosh tho. She totally deserves it tho. I love my comet video :)


Some really good videos. I loved poison and wine. 'say when' was really nice too. You know what.. after watching all these videos i just realized something... in Chair, Blair was the one always taking care of chuck..or scared to trust him but at the same time just giving all of herself to chuck.. whereas in Dair.. it's the other way around.. she completely lets her guard down and allows Dan to take care of her.. isn't afraid to lean on him. real love. pure and simple love that she always wanted.
i just had an epiphany. :)


When You have watched videos you see many kisses, hear lots of I love you s that's it and of course teardrop and pain. Sorry but their love is not epic it's toxic.Although I think they'll be endgame I'll never support their love and never will.


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