Gossip Girl Episode Synopsis: "It Girl, Interrupted"

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Gossip Girl is back April 2 with a new installment, "Con Heir." There's a lot going on as we head down the home stretch of Season 5, and you can check out the Gossip Girl promo and photos from the return episode.

The following episode, airing April 9, will be called "It Girl, Interrupted." The CW's synopsis:

  • Serena decides she is ready to relinquish the spotlight and sets out to make a reluctant Lola the next “It Girl” of the Upper East Side, starting with modeling at the Kiki de Montparnasse lingerie show.
  • Meanwhile, Chuck reaches out to Blair for advice about his past, and Diana Payne (Elizabeth Hurley) returns to The Spectator, setting off a power struggle with Nate.

Share your predictions on where you think this episode is headed in the comments below ...

Real Charlie!

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Chuck raped Serena and Jenny?
Didn't see that, even if I watched GG for about 5 times or something. But maybe I missed something. lol. whatever. I think it will be about Jack (and Diana maybe).. or something about his dad. I don't think there's another secret coming up, I think it's about something we already know. As for Serena.. my, my, my. I like Lola but I just can't see her as an It Girl. But let's hope it's going to be funny.


Chill fatso


Meanwhile, Chuck reaches out to Blair for advice about his past, (maybe he rape another girl again as happened to serena and jenny)


Meanwhile, Chuck reaches out to Blair for advice about his past, This could have been from any episode of season 3, season 2 and even some in season 4 and 5.Chuck, the guy with the mystery past that caused him to be that cruel.Don't blame the guy, blame the past for everything.


Seems like the reason why Jack returned was to get Diana back in charge at the Spectator.


What a snooze of an episode! This it what they decide will lure people back?


Exciting!!! Diana storyline is needed, and GG tribute to Clueless is a must-see!


>Serena believing that she's still relevant enough to make someone else an "It Girl".

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