Gossip Girl Episode Synopsis: "Salon of the Dead"

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After a month-long hiatus, Gossip Girl returns Monday with an all-new episode, "Con Heir."

That's the 18th of the current season, to be followed by "It Girl, Interrupted" on April 9.

In Episode 20 of Season 5, called "Salon of the Dead" (presumably airing April 16) ...

  • To celebrate their official coming out as a couple, Blair and Dan host a glamorous British-themed Salon, including guests Julian Tepper and Jenna Gribbon (founders of The Oracle Club).
  • Lola (guest star Ella Rae Peck) lands the audition of a lifetime, but Gossip Girl may have other plans for the Upper East Side’s latest It Girl.
  • Serena and Diana (guest star Elizabeth Hurley) face-off over secrets they both would prefer remain secrets.
  • Lily and Rufus disagree over the best way to handle the Ivy situation.

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the intenstions of the story wretir were good but his/her logic is poor. Also there are not just two genders. If you limit gender to just two then you marginalize already marginalized LGBTQ.I wish you definition of love will evelove to include respect.Peace,Desi Girl


11 books have been published so far: 1. Gossip Girl 2. You Know You Love Me 3. All I Want Is Everything 4. Because I'm Worth It 5. I Like It Like That 6. You're the One That I Want 7. Nobody Does It Better 8. Nothing Can Keep Us Together 9. Only In Your Dreams 10. Would I Lie to You? 11. Don't You Forget About Me and a 12th is due out this October: 12. It Had To Be You Coming


The producers really need to stop shoving Ivy down our throats. It looks like they are in for the long haul with this whiny, self-righteous, unattractive girl with a horrible voice just to add a new cast member/shake things up. It's ridiculous, they're so committed to her that they add some convoluted reason for her to stick around (the inheritance), and also are setting things up so she looks like the victim and will end up forgiven. It's just like when they wanted to drop Vanessa: all of a sudden all of her plotlines were designed to do nothing except make the audience hate her and give her reasons to leave.


This will be another ridiculous episode. Blair has turned into a most ridiculous character, tonight was proof of that. I just hope they were not so drunk that they forgot to use protection...that poor baby will suffer from FASD.


Ivy dickens story is the best!

Dair for ever

Thank goodness looks like the writers will keep Dair together at least for the next 3 weeks and I'm grateful for whatever little they throw the way of us Dair fans. I am sure they will then toe the yaaaaaaaaaawningly predictable line and get the boring-as-watching-paint-dry couple Chair together yet again but until the inevitable, snooze-inducing pairing happens again I am ready to take in every bit of the delightful, absolutely engaging and the only couple that matters on GG - Dair. Dair FTW!


have they cleaned up the forums to get rid of the spammer? hooray!!
nice to read everyone's comments for once... excited for dair... finally diana is back after so much speclation and then no show.


@donna seriously! Ed and Chace are in the background and Blake has to share a plot with Elizabeth Hurley? Ridiculous. Cut these poor kids lose if you're not going to use them.

I heart chuck more

@sa'ad, what friends? Dair pretty much alienayed everyone in their life.


Can the word 'butthurt' f&*(ing die already? Along with 'epic' and 'endgame'? Jesus. Expand your vocabulary beyond text and internet speak, people. Most of us are fans of the SHOW, not "butthurt" -shit it hurts my head just to type that idiotic phrase- Chuck or Chair fans. We're "butthurt" because the whole show is horrible! Maybe if you all would watch some better television or read a real novel, you'd realize how truly terrible this show has gotten! It's nice that Blair's throwing Dan a party and whatever but why is Chuck in attendance? That seems completely unrealistic considering she broke his heart only a few episodes ago.

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