Gossip Girl Producers Preview "Con Heir"

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The producers of Gossip Girl, led by show-runner Joshua Safran, have sat down for their usual preview of the upcoming episode, mixing clips with commentary. What do they reveal about "Con Heir"?

Not a lot. However, there are some interesting clips showing:

  • Ivy's first move in getting Lily and Serena to stop blackballing her.
  • Dan and Blair's struggle to consummate their relationship.
  • Nate pondering the future of The N.Y. Spectator.
  • Jack's return to the Upper East Side.

Check out our photo gallery for the April 2 episode if you missed it, then watch the two-minute montage below and share your thoughts with us. How do you see this installment - and the rest of the season - playing out?

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tv fanatic YOU LOSE ppl bcuz of this


OMG i didn't even notice Dan holding Blair's hand the first time i watched this! they are too cute! Thanks for pointing that out @lila! :) btw i would love to see Serena and Carter together again i liked her the best w/him :) Saw him on Once Upon A Time last night as the Mad Hatter and he was AMAZING! :)


Can't wait !! And Blair is gorgeous in the loft scene...and Dan holding her hands is just awwwwwwww


What does the guy behind the woman say when she is talking about Blair and Dan consummating their relationship?


thank god just one more week! :) It's been too long GG! Btw i used to not be able to stand Ivy and her raspy voice but i do have to admit she is definitely more interesing w/this story line! Never could stand that chick who played Carol though!


I guess @ChosenOne is having a stroke because his keyboard seems to be stuck


omg, where is the REPORT SPAM button? :)


what i really like in this preview that i see rufly at first there:-) and i love this scene if blair is looking so shocked because the loft is full lol


ChosenOne do you not have anything better to do? you are pathetic!