Gossip Girl Set Photos: Chair Getting Their Flirt On?

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In a new set of photos from the Gossip Girl set in New York City, Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Blair (Leighton Meester) are seen in some scenes together ... and maybe looking just a little bit flirtatious to boot?

Hey, after the Winter of Dair, the Chair fans need any hope they can cling to.

They do look happy together, as much as one can tell from a batch of photos snapped on the set anyway. Take a gander below at the images and see if you think they portend good things for Chuck and Blair:

Chair Flirting?
Ed and Leighton on G.G. Set
Very Mad Men of Him
Let Me Get That For You
Chair on the Street
Ed and Leighton on the G.G. Set

The way "The Princess Dowry" left things, Chuck was on the outs with Blair, though not on the worst of terms. Whether her relationship with Dan (see the Gossip Girl promo for April 2) lasts is an open question.

One which we're sure you have plenty to say about in the comments below. Do you think there's a possibility of a Chair comeback? Will Dair's love conquer all? Where will the writers take this? Do you care?

And, for much more on Chuck and Blair, VOTE in our Chair video tribute contest!

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Awee Chair! How I have missed them! They are so cute!(:


Listen, to those people who are so abnoxiously rude, stop commenting if you think that us fans are crazy and weird. IF you don't give a fuck about the show and the couples, then don't leave sarcastic comments that are incredibly rude, this is specifically @55 and @niks4u. You have little respect four yourselves therefore less from me. So if you want sit on our shoulders and call yourselves tall go, ahead but it doesnt mean we enjoy.


Guys don't be rediculous. Blair is not a whore and chuck is not an idiot for waiting. I am a big chair fan and we should all know that they won't be together until the end so calm down and just watch what's going to happen until then. By the way I live in Greece, I took my grades on Friday(I had only 20s and a 19 in IT_a new teacher came 2 months ago and he decided not to put a 20.My grades were the best(I am in the third grade if Junior High School). Next Sunday is going to be a parade(national celebration-25th of March) and I am going to pick the flug due to my average at school last year(20). Everyone were stunned as I am Albanian and some are jealous as well,but I've worked hard and I deserve it. How is life in America and what are schools like?
P.S I only have an A2 certificate,so excuse my EnglisH(with merite,although it's the cambridge not the michigan), I am taking the B2 exam in 14th of May. And don't worry chuck and blair love each other and hopefully that will never end.


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Blair is not a whore. With that word can describe the producers and writers series which occurred to them that Blair and Dan together because it is contrary to the concept of the story in the series. And the reason why Dan and Blair lovers in the series is that Penn and Blake (Serena and Dan) can not act together more romantic scene from season 4. So someone from the producers and writers occurred to them to replace Serena to Blair and now we have this nonsense - Dan and Blair lovers.

Jess gannon

I dO see a Chair reunion in the future but I doubt that it will happen to soon, Dair has had all this build up so that coupling needs to run its course!
I wonder when Louis will be back, I do feel bad for him!


@55 is a cunt 55 says fuck you bitch blair is a whore and a social pariah to me.No wonder why chuck sold her for a hotel she is an object.This is exactly what she deserved she is a whore


@Sadl There is nothing 'pseudo' about my intellectuality but everything about you screams fake. It doesn't matter if anybody cares about what I have to say(u certainly seem to). Anyways, you just proved my point by your compelling argument.


I totally agree with what Wendy wrote on March 14th. Right on, Wendy! To quote Wendy: "Chuck and Blair are crazy hot together and Dan and Blair are not."


@niks4u. Who the fuck are you? Nobody gives a shit about your pseudointellectuality.

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