Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Dair Sex Fail!

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Condom misplacement.

An unfortunate unzipping incident.

Interim housekeepers who don't knock.

Lily and Rufus walking in on them ... thrice.

It appears that, in the month since we've last seen them, Dan and Blair have encountered all of the above problems and more in attempt to consummate their physical relationship. Will they ever get it done?

Not in the sneak preview below, from Monday's all-new episode, "Con Heir." After recounting their past intimacy follies, they're foiled again, thanks to host of external circumstances. Watch the hilarity now:

How will Dan and Blair respond from these initial setbacks, and can we expect the budding relationship to last, despite growing pains, the still-looming dowry and the always-looming specter of one Charles Bass?

Comment below, and for more on that, Monday's episode, and the remainder of Season Five, read TVF's exclusive interview with Joshua Safran, Gossip Girl executive producer and show-runner, from yesterday.

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Well, to me Dan is just a weirder version of Nate (and maybe even of Louis?) in season 2...just sayin'... (uh, and remember that in all Ed's and Leighton's interviews, they always say that Chair should have a chance at happiness. I think that it should count something, shouldn't it?)


I've watched since the 1st episode and i love dair. I originally shipped derena but they got played out jus like chair. Unlike some other so called fans I'll still b watching if they break up dair and jus enjoy the show for what it is.


blair is a WHORE what a slut


I can't wait for this.


@ Lila: Thanks for the clarification, that explains why people said the loft was worth over 1 million dollars, it's not surprising that the Humphreys lived there considering Allison and Rufus careers and that his money from the rockers days probably was plenty and the art gallery and stuff. @ First Aid Kit: I never meant to try to make this a conversation about Brooklyn and I'm sorry if it seemed that way, I wasn't trying to diss the place, far from it. I would have been doumbfouded but the situation had it ocurred in Manhattan or in any other part of NY.


DAIR!!!! can't wait for this episode.


OMG ! Loooooove Dair ! Never understood all the hate for Dan, he's the nicest, minus (Nate's) dumbness. Twisted world we must be livin in.
Chair had some hot scenes. But that's it IMO.




I refuse to believe that a single Dair fan has watched the show since season one, when it originally aired. Ever since Victor, Victrola, Chair has captured the hearts of viewers. I'd rather see a love triangle between Blair Nate and Chuck. Dan is random and gross. The on-screen chemistry of Blair and Chuck is incredible and undeniable. Writers, you are pissing off all of your original fans who are pretty much hanging on by a thread considering how much this show has gone downhill. I rewatch season 1 and 2 all the time. That was your best work, hands down. And guess what? Blair and Dan weren't even the slightest bit of an option. I would rather Blair end up with a new character than Dan. Anything but Dan. The Queen B is above him.


A spin off about Dair - wow that sounds incredibly exciting ...
Prime time viewing, It'll probably get at least 10 viewers!

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