Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Dair Sex Fail!

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Condom misplacement.

An unfortunate unzipping incident.

Interim housekeepers who don't knock.

Lily and Rufus walking in on them ... thrice.

It appears that, in the month since we've last seen them, Dan and Blair have encountered all of the above problems and more in attempt to consummate their physical relationship. Will they ever get it done?

Not in the sneak preview below, from Monday's all-new episode, "Con Heir." After recounting their past intimacy follies, they're foiled again, thanks to host of external circumstances. Watch the hilarity now:

How will Dan and Blair respond from these initial setbacks, and can we expect the budding relationship to last, despite growing pains, the still-looming dowry and the always-looming specter of one Charles Bass?

Comment below, and for more on that, Monday's episode, and the remainder of Season Five, read TVF's exclusive interview with Joshua Safran, Gossip Girl executive producer and show-runner, from yesterday.

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A spin off about Dair - wow that sounds incredibly exciting ...
It'll probably get at least 10 viewers - real money spinner!


I love Dair.


They are adorable together.


I miss the chair sex scenes!
Like Safran said, Chuck and Blair are never over so stop saying Dair/Chair is endgame, nobody knows and that's why everybody watches this great show.
I'm for chair but actually I want Chuck to be happy again, so we will see what happens!

Aint born typical

@PTY, honestly, I don't think this is about Brooklyn (I just thought the noise was a funny distraction, because it sounded very familiar). They need to drag Dan and Blair hooking up through the episode, because they need an episode. As for your comment about marriage, I'm still not sure what possessed Blair to marry Louis in the first place. She nearly ran off with another man, lost a baby, admitted to anyone who would listen that she didn't really love Louis, perhaps started to develop feelings for a third man - basically her life got very complicated in the couple of months before marrying Louis. In what universe did she think this marriage would work out great? I don't take this marriage thing seriously, because obviously it was not the writers' intent to demonstrate the sanctity of marriage in any way on Gossip Girl (to expect the show to treat it otherwise is to disregard the weird circumstances under which Blair married Louis in the first place). As for Serena walking in on Dan & Blair - the girl did it SIX times. One would think one time would be enough for Dan and Blair to be a little more careful. But this is Gossip Girl.


This thing with dan and blair makes me sick,they are so wrong for eachother.As far as iam concerned it's too late to fix the other couples CB and derena they went too far.They turned blair into a slut, dan is pathetic loser like always.I want chuck and serena together they make more sense and they are more beliveble than this dair crap. Dair endgame? lol you really have to be stupid to believe that.GG is a joke


This Is How Things Are Meant To Be:
•Dan and Vanessa(obvious)
•Serena and Nate(so cute together...have so much history)
•Jenny and Damian(enough said)


These two are PERFECT. Idgaf what any delusional Chair fan says, they are endgame. THAT IS ALL.


This "couple" is such a JOKE


I actually see the whole thing as rather sweet and funny which it exactly the dynamic Dair have always had. Why change that once you put sex into the mix. Besides this relationship has been developed for awhile hence I think the need to want it to be right for them. Its easy to have hot passion when it's not planned (the limo scene) and when there's that undercurrent of darkness within a relationship. And that's not a knock at Chair - I liked that about them but that has never been what Dairs about.
I would also say that Serena walking into the shared bathroom and that putting them off was probably because they are aware of her feelings. I didn't get the idea the two were being dismissive of that, rather just listing a litany of their logistical woes in getting some alone time.

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