Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Dair Sex Fail!

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Condom misplacement.

An unfortunate unzipping incident.

Interim housekeepers who don't knock.

Lily and Rufus walking in on them ... thrice.

It appears that, in the month since we've last seen them, Dan and Blair have encountered all of the above problems and more in attempt to consummate their physical relationship. Will they ever get it done?

Not in the sneak preview below, from Monday's all-new episode, "Con Heir." After recounting their past intimacy follies, they're foiled again, thanks to host of external circumstances. Watch the hilarity now:

How will Dan and Blair respond from these initial setbacks, and can we expect the budding relationship to last, despite growing pains, the still-looming dowry and the always-looming specter of one Charles Bass?

Comment below, and for more on that, Monday's episode, and the remainder of Season Five, read TVF's exclusive interview with Joshua Safran, Gossip Girl executive producer and show-runner, from yesterday.

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See all the Chair lovers are out with their random hateful comments. Especially love the bizarre idea that Chuck is the one that been wronged here. I suppose we are just meant to ignore all the terrible things he's done in the past. I like Chuck but let's be real he's no angel. I'm not saying that Blair is blameless but come on the scales definitely aren't balanced.


never want to see Blair with Chuck. Blair go with Dan. Because a woman Chuck deserves much better than Blair


now Chuck needs a new girlfriend


The kisses DAIR have look awkward, b\c leighton does not really get in to it. that is why it does not look passionate. I think dair could be good if she really tried. Penn gets into it , but she doesnt,I mean at least try to sell it dame.




i ship chuck forever alone


ugliest couple ever made in the history of television.They are horrible

Aint born typical

"They get turned off by a car alarm? If they were really so hot for each other and after so many failed attempts is it possible that something like that stops them?' You don't live in Brooklyn, do you? Those things can be quite irritating. A lot irritating actually. I honestly don't know why people are so upset. This is a TV show not known for any particular depth or consistency or the bigger meaning behind its stories. People searching for right and wrong in it (and apparently finding it) IMHO are wasting their time. If you don't like it, switch the channel (that's what I did when Chair heavy episodes were on). What's the point of complaining and especially arguing with fans of the opposite ship about something that none of us have the power to change?


it's called EVOLUTION. look it up.

Dr hollis

You know, when I first signed on to watch Gossip Girl, I thought I was watching a primetime soap opera, not a rom-com. I love how Safran just changed genres in the middle of the show. Dair fans are saying they want a spinoff... then why not write a spinoff show with Clair and Dylan and leave GG alone? This way, those who like romantic comedies can watch that, and those of us who like drama, intrigue, scandal, and heat can continue to watch GG.

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