Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Welcome Back, Jack

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Jack Bass (Desmond Harrington) returns to Gossip Girl next week, and Chuck welcomes his uncle back to New York the best way he knows how. We're talking about women, booze and all-around crazy times.

In the sneak peek from "Con Heir" below, Chuck reveals that he just donated a new wing, in Jack's name, to the hospital where his life was saved, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony set for that night in his honor.

That event will quite possibly set the stage for various shenanigans (see the "Con Heir" Canadian promo), as always ... what's an episode of Gossip Girl without a high-society event bringing people together?

It's nice to see the Bass boys having fun, in any case. Check out the clip:

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Is Jack the real father of Chuck?


LuckyBastarda That is a really great analogy for the trajectory of Gossip Girl. You're right that the charming actors they've nabbed are what keeps this show alive. I couldn't imagine the show without Leighton, Ed, Penn, Kelly and guest stars like Desmond and Michelle T. Oh I have to add Chace and Blake. They're not the best but they have their moments too and can be very likable. Chace is so yummy too.


The thing about GG is that they have great scenes (like this one) and mostly thanks to the actors such as Desmond, Ed, Leighton and Penn. I'll exclude Blake for the obvious reasons... But as a WHOLE, the show is sinking like the Titanic. It hit the iceberg on Season 3 and is something that either goes up, tough not probably, or just needs to get out of its misery. Sorry. That's what I think.


Anyway, it is really nice to see Chuck smiling. I want to see him party with Jack and Nate so bad. Humphrey could even drop by and stand by awkwardly as debauchery commences (like when he smoked with Chuck). All the current plots on GG are like watching paint dry. We need fun around this place! Oh and I think it's good that Chair are split up for now too. I've seen this before and I agree that they need to 'deconstruct' the couple, make them compelling on their own, and then bring them back. Done properly (yea, I know, hahaha), it could really make the audience fall for them all over again. Anyway I rather sit through boring Dair scenes than have anything rushed.


Eh this show is a total crapfest but Desmond is so fantastic and charming! I hate that he'll be used as a vessel to get Diana back into the mix but I'll take Uncle Jack any day! @charissa29: I know how ridiculous is that shite? Do the Basses have an extremely rare blood type that only the family shares? *rolls eyes* That shows the writers don't even care how they get Jack and others to return. I should boycott... I love Uncle Jack! @Mysterious: That sounds awesome! We could have uncle Jack being a total cad and maybe trying to bring Chuck but under his tutelage. Sex and hookers and coke and...snorting coke off hookers...The Uncle Jack Show could be amazing. Dair 5 seasons in the making? Pffft. 1 season in the making, yea, but 5? That makes no sense...kind of like GG itself!


The entire five season is there only because of the 100 episode. Blair and Dan are together only because Blake and Penn can not act love scenes (this I have written several times). Arrival Chuck's uncle is overture to return to Diana. The same Diana is Chuck's sister, and she gave blood and saved his life. I must mention that the pictures from the set where Chuck and Blair is probably the scene where Blair seeks help from Chuck to pay for her dowry. To Chuck’s it will be very difficult to refuse to lend her money, and she will later return him (as Chuck offered to Nate in season 2). Chuck will be very difficult to reject Blair, but the transaction will lead to a rupture between Blair and Dan. The Dan will be much angry with Blair when he learns that she sought help from Chuck.


Go Chuck!Go Bass men!Forget about blair,Go be merry have fun and find LOVE!


Totally second G's comment.Dan and Blair build up of 5 seasons to me is a major exaggeration. Been watching season one episodes to see if I missed anything, and I didn't! They rarely spoke to each other.... I am a total Chuck and Blair fan but I am glad they aren't together at the moment. Everything is too messy with Louis and all, but don't make us wait too long. I will say Dan and Blair make really good friends though.


"I'll sleep it off, with you...and you."
LOVE IT, I can't wait!
I really hope he stays around I love Desmond Harrington as an actor, maybe season 6 can be centered around him and it won't suck (insert male organ here) royally!
I'm so happy Joey, I mean Jack is back! Even if he does become a villain, he should at least be one with Chuck.


I think that it was Diana Payne who gave chuck the blood because he sounded like he didnt know anything about donating the blood and I also think that jack isn't really chucks uncle