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Yeah I'm also hoping we see Teddy make some progress! Although Bailey and Callie look slightly concerned on one of those pictures...Hmm!

This will be an interesting episode, I reckon. It'll be nice to see how things pan out towards the end of this season given the current situation with contracts.

I must admit, in terms of Owen and Cristina, I'm beginning to think it might be a blessing in disguise if they don't make it - not because I don't want them to be happy. It's just, I thought it was nearly impossible for them to return to normal after Owen accused her of killing his baby. Now that he's had an affair as-well, I'm not sure how much I could credit the show for realism if Shonda keeps them together.

That being said, I know Shonda likes to explore new themes. I guess since divorce was kinda covered with Derek and Addison, she might want to explore working through a broken marriage, so I've got a feeling we'll be seeing Cristina and Owen work this out.


Finally ! I have been waiting since the beginning of the season for a real screentime about Callie & Arizona (I know they had a lot last year but still). And maybe we'll see Teddy in another mood than sad and desperate.

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