Grey's Anatomy Photo Gallery: It's Ladies Night!

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It's ladies night on the April 12 episode of Grey's Anatomy.

The ABC medical drama returns next Thursday, April 5, with "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" (follow the links for the Grey's Anatomy promo and photos from that episode). The following week brings us "Support System."

In that installment, Callie, Arizona and Bailey decide to plan a much needed ladies night for Teddy.

That will surely lead to some good times ... or at least interesting ones?


Meanwhile, a devastated Cristina presses Owen to confess the intimate details of his affair, and Mark takes his new authority seriously when he steps in as chief for a day and butts heads with Richard over a transplant.

Finally, Callie deems Meredith ready for the boards, while the rest of the residents keep stressing about the exam.

Click to enlarge the photos from "Support System" and comment below:

Tense Moment
Owen Looking On
Yang Pic
Xtina Yang
Richard in the OR
Mark About to Go to Work
Mark Prepares to Operate
Arizona and Miranda
Callie's Got Wine
Girls Night Out on Grey's
Drs. Torres and Bailey
Ms. Torres

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Yeah I'm also hoping we see Teddy make some progress! Although Bailey and Callie look slightly concerned on one of those pictures...Hmm! This will be an interesting episode, I reckon. It'll be nice to see how things pan out towards the end of this season given the current situation with contracts. I must admit, in terms of Owen and Cristina, I'm beginning to think it might be a blessing in disguise if they don't make it - not because I don't want them to be happy. It's just, I thought it was nearly impossible for them to return to normal after Owen accused her of killing his baby. Now that he's had an affair as-well, I'm not sure how much I could credit the show for realism if Shonda keeps them together. That being said, I know Shonda likes to explore new themes. I guess since divorce was kinda covered with Derek and Addison, she might want to explore working through a broken marriage, so I've got a feeling we'll be seeing Cristina and Owen work this out.


Finally ! I have been waiting since the beginning of the season for a real screentime about Callie & Arizona (I know they had a lot last year but still). And maybe we'll see Teddy in another mood than sad and desperate.

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