Grey's Anatomy Promo: The Animal in All of Us

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On April 5, a WILD and powerful episode of Grey's Anatomy awaits.

Seriously, a lion breaks loose in Seattle, leaving lives and relationships at risk, with the surgeons scrambling to contain the carnage. That's not something you see every day ... but it somehow works for Grey's.

Meanwhile, Lexie overhears Mark talk about moving in with Julia, Teddy tries to come to terms with Henry's death, Callie grills Arizona on her past lovers, and Alex requests to be taken off Morgan's case.

Finally, Meredith tries to support BFF Cristina. There's a lot going on.

Check out ABC's promo for "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" below ...

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I'm truly afraid the the entire show will end presenting a Meredith with alzheimers listening to Christina or Richard reading HER journals. I guess i've been a little traumatized by the notebook (movie). Regardless, I'm loving Owen and Christina's sudden turn. It was expected for owen to cheat on Christina. The man comes back from a war, has a fiance, and kisses a total stranger in the hospital after taking out her ice-cube. All the meanwhile he has a flirt friend in his own trauma team back in the sandpit. Finally is discharged and instead of explaining to his fiance that things change he remains a coward and takes cristina instead. So when the Crowen couple are on the rocks it would be expected to have him cheat. However, I loved Cristina's personality since season one and loved her even more after she grew throughout the years and while it's nice to see her stay true to herself (no-kids) from season 1 I had expected to see Cristina finish married with kids and Meredith lose her child. Granted though I also thought Cristina would marry and have mini future-surgeon babies, while Meredith despite marrying McDreamy finding out she's barren (which kinda happened but remain child-less). So I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how dark the Crowen relationship will go. Though I must say I ultimately hope above all else that they end up together (please let it not be another unfinished relationship like Denny and Izzy).


It would be nice to see one more season with the cast. and Mederith and Derek working at seattle grace with Baily being chief.


I miss callie and arizonas love life and i wish shonda would stop making jackson look like a complet idiot. Its annoying.


This season has been so frustrating. Firstly, you cant even get into the storyline because they keep going weeks between new episodes. And secondly, the storylines are weak and totally lack direction. It seems that they are messing with too many characters. I am actually good with change and dont need to see old characters resurrected. But when you create storylines that seem to go against the personality of the character in question, it makes for an unbelievable storyline and makes you lose touch with what connected you to the plot/characters in the first place.


I hope Derek and Meredith comes back for season 9. thats the only reason
I watch because of them.they are great actors. and there in love.


I agree with the writters who comment that the GA SL is getting old. Shonda needs to keep her word and have Izzie return. Even Burke would be great if only for a few episodes. There are so many different avenues the writters could explore to make the show more interesting. Seems their creativity has gone done the tubes. I guess this is what happens when a show has been around so long.


Grey's Anatomy is dying a slow death and it will drag Scandal down with it.


i think that this season has been terrible- shonda has really assassinated some incredible characters, and there's no way for her to clean up this mess now. she keeps saying that she's not writing it intentionally, that this is just the characters' journey together, but come ON. everything this season has been so out of character, it's just making me angry. cristina and alex never seem to catch a break, and other characters like teddy and callie and arizona have all but been written out. the owen we've come to know is not the owen from this season. it's terrible and becoming more like a real soap opera with every episode.


It's come to a point where you can tell that the writers/producers/whoever won't let this show die when there is obviously no story left to tell. Last season was almost painful to watch and this season is becoming hard to watch too. All the new character's Owen, Christina, Jackson are soooo boring and borderline annoying (IMO). The only new character I like is April and she's not even a main character. Anyways I think it would be better to just end the show.


And for heaven's sake, please either put Mark/Lexie back together PERMANENTLY or send one of them packing. If they keep Mark w/Julia and don't send either Mark or Lexie somewhere into the horizon, there will always be this tentative hope or thought that he'll get back with Lexie sometime. This SL has been going on for four seasons now. Come on already!! Put it to rest. Shonda is too talented for this stuff. This isn't angst-ridden, it's just tired!

Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 18 Quotes

I was staring at Simba.


We have a phrase in the operating room. Don't pet the lion. It means no matter how nice a tumor looks, how small it is, how perfect it's margins may be, it's still a tumor. It's still dangerous and it can bite.