Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "One Step Too Far"

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Welcome back to TV Fanatic's Grey's Anatomy Round Table!

Our official Grey's Anatomy review broke down last week's episode, "One Step Too Far," in great detail. Now, TV Fanatic staff writers Courtney Morrison, Sean McKenna and Christina Tran have assembled for their weekly Round Table Q&A to further debate, discuss and dissect the goings on at Seattle Grace/Mercy West.

Read their answers below and weigh in with yours!


1. What was your favorite scene or quote from the episode?

Courtney: Have to go with the exchange between Meredith, Cristina, and Alex about Morgan the intern and and comparing her to Rebecca. It was easily the funniest part of the hour.

Sean: Sloan once again attempting to get Jackson laid. Childish? Yes. Hilarious. Double yes.

Christina: I laughed the most when Cristina, Meredith and Alex were rummaging through the fridge clearly eating lunches that didn’t belong to them. This scene totally screamed the very unforgettable “YOU ATE MY SANDWICH?!” bit by Ross from Friends as April walked in.

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2. Should Meredith stay put with General Surgery or head back to Neuro?

Courtney: Even though she has done well in Neuro, she's better off in General Surgery. It expands her skill set and gives her more mentors to work with (Bailey & Webber). Plus, I am not interested in watching her and Derek battle it out over work again.

Sean:I like her in General. She may be skilled at neuro but working in the same specific area with your husband is sure to just cause relationship problems and I'd rather not see them in more fighting ways.

Christina: I’m not entirely sure where she should ultimately end up, but Meredith’s obviously not ready to go back to neuro just yet.

3. Owen admitted to cheating on Cristina. Is this relationship over?

Courtney: I hope so! I have always been a big fan of these two (second of course to Preston Burke), but this has got to be the end. Being angry is not an excuse for cheating. If you want to be with someone else, split up before doing so. Owen just dropped in my list of favorites, big time.

Sean: I'm kind of shocked at Owen. I can only feel as if there is more to the story, something Owen hasn't fully disclosed. Can they really expect to fully come back from all their drama?

Christina: I’m with Courtney on this one and do hope so. However, I haven’t always been a fan of these two so I think they should definitely part ways. Also, I’m not sold on the fact that Owen really did cheat. More on that coming up next.

Glau on Grey's

4. Who did Owen cheat on Cristina with?

Courtney: No clue! The show developed with Emily so that we would believe it to be her. My next guess would be Teddy but she still hates him for lying about Henry's death. My next best guess is just a random, maybe a nurse he picked up at Joe's Bar?

Sean: I agree with Christina about there being more to the story than just simple cheating. The man needs to fully explain what cheating actually means rather than giving everyone the assumption of what it means.

Christina: Like I said earlier, I am not totally sure that Owen really did cheat in a physical sense. What if the words he uttered had a deeper meaning or he needs further explanation? This is a drama, after all, and things get twisty and complex with words alone.

5. With a cast this big, it’s hard for all characters to get enough screen time. Who deserves more and why?

Courtney: Since Mark and Jackson are getting ample time with their bromance, I'm choosing Callie. The girl has been on the show forever. She is hardcore and is usually the voice of reason while bringing some laughs. Give her some extreme cases again like when she made the girl have a straight spine with Derek in the beginning of the show. Or at least some funny convos with BFF Mark.

Sean: I think Lexie needs more than just her pining after Mark story but for the most part the show does a good job of rotating the characters to the forefront of episodes. I'm ok for the most part with everyone getting their chance to be on screen.

Christina: I’d actually love to see more storylines involving Lexie outside of Slexie and her babysitting Zola. Remember how brilliant her photographic memory was? She’s a Grey, and she’s clearly got what it takes to be one heck of a surgeon so more Lexie, please.

What do you think? Share your responses in the comments below!


It's so annoying how grey's only gives us one episode every two weeks this season. It seems like whenever I'm looking forward to watching it, I find out there is no new episode this week. Aghh!


@Bonnie: Owen tried to be there for Teddy but she wouldn't let him.


You can't have April casually hook up with anyone 'cause they've used her virginity as a key aspect of her character. It's part of what makes her such good "comic relief". If Shonda is going to have April give it up it should be a special episode! While it's true that there was a lot of Calzona in season 7 it looks like Shonda's favorite McLezzies are going to get sidelined on a regular basis unless JCap makes #3 real-life baby her last! It must be kind of hard to do hot 'n sexy for the trimmed down uber-hot Sara Ramirez when her "work-wife" Jessica Capshaw keeps makin' babies IRL. The last hint of anything even approaching intimate was on at the tail-end of the Valentines Day epi.. And even there a bit of a baby-bulge was beginning to show... Well, none of the screaming fangrrrls at the Grey's Anatomy concert seemed to mind.


Well Owen did cheat physically. He needs to go. Bring back Burke.
Lexie and Mark
Mer in general not neuro. Showing she can do it ALL better then her mother.


Is anyone else sick of the reruns this season, it has been such a broken up season I can't keep track of when an actual new episode will air. And I want to see more Lexi and Sloan time, they need a reunion


I have to rant for just a moment. It wasn't that long ago Owen was begging forgiveness from Teddy for not telling her about her dead husband. He hadn't helped her through it. He didn't help make it easier. Christina was by her side the whole time. She stuck with Teddy and helped her though. So why can Owen beg Teddy for forgiveness after doing nothing to deserve it but hold Christina at fault and not even think about forgiving? Anyone else find that hypocritical?


I think they are finally utilizing the cast the best way...focusing on the main ones & letting the minor ones interact w/them when needed. Personally, I think the way they are using Mark, Jackson & April for comic relief is a good idea. And they could lose Tedious & no one would even notice. I like seeing Mer, Der, Cris, Alex, Bailey & Chief on my screen for the majority of the hour...the rest just once in a while.


1. Fav quote was definitely Meredith reprimanding Alex with, "Bad dog!".
2. Meredith should choose general. She, so desperately, does not want to follow in her mother's footsteps that she loses sight of where her true interests really are. Remember her excitement watching all the videos of her mother's surgeries?! She needs diversity.
3. I hope it's over as I've never liked Owen. He's not for
Cristina. I would love to see a new character for her...maybe turn the tables and make Owen the jealous husband.
4. I think he did cheat, and physically. I can't see us being left on a cliff with the disappointment in episode 19 that it is simply metaphorical of his thoughts/feelings. I thought the exact same thing as Emma. The If/Then episode could have foreshadowed April as the "affairee


1. The Rebecca/Ava reference to 'smashed-up face' and you best not pee on my couch - brings back classic episodes, I love it when they do that like when they mentioned George and Izzie
2. Undecided, but I agree if she goes back to Neuro then there can't be anymore MerDer arguments, its getting old
3. I hope so, I completely understands he wants a baby but he knew he was marrying before he did and the way he's treating her right to chose whether or not she wants a child is kind of repulsive
4. If it's not a random then I'm going to throw it out there and say possibly April - would make her far more interesting and I think maybe it was foreshadowed in if/then
5. Definitely Lexie, she's just too awesome and she needs to prove that! I like Calzona but we had plenty of them last season.


I think when Owen said he cheated I don't think he meant physically. I think that aswell! But this couple is just sooo messed up and either they work on it or they have to break up

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