Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "One Step Too Far"

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Welcome back to TV Fanatic's Grey's Anatomy Round Table!

Our official Grey's Anatomy review broke down last week's episode, "One Step Too Far," in great detail. Now, TV Fanatic staff writers Courtney Morrison, Sean McKenna and Christina Tran have assembled for their weekly Round Table Q&A to further debate, discuss and dissect the goings on at Seattle Grace/Mercy West.

Read their answers below and weigh in with yours!


1. What was your favorite scene or quote from the episode?

Courtney: Have to go with the exchange between Meredith, Cristina, and Alex about Morgan the intern and and comparing her to Rebecca. It was easily the funniest part of the hour.

Sean: Sloan once again attempting to get Jackson laid. Childish? Yes. Hilarious. Double yes.

Christina: I laughed the most when Cristina, Meredith and Alex were rummaging through the fridge clearly eating lunches that didn’t belong to them. This scene totally screamed the very unforgettable “YOU ATE MY SANDWICH?!” bit by Ross from Friends as April walked in.

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2. Should Meredith stay put with General Surgery or head back to Neuro?

Courtney: Even though she has done well in Neuro, she's better off in General Surgery. It expands her skill set and gives her more mentors to work with (Bailey & Webber). Plus, I am not interested in watching her and Derek battle it out over work again.

Sean:I like her in General. She may be skilled at neuro but working in the same specific area with your husband is sure to just cause relationship problems and I'd rather not see them in more fighting ways.

Christina: I’m not entirely sure where she should ultimately end up, but Meredith’s obviously not ready to go back to neuro just yet.

3. Owen admitted to cheating on Cristina. Is this relationship over?

Courtney: I hope so! I have always been a big fan of these two (second of course to Preston Burke), but this has got to be the end. Being angry is not an excuse for cheating. If you want to be with someone else, split up before doing so. Owen just dropped in my list of favorites, big time.

Sean: I'm kind of shocked at Owen. I can only feel as if there is more to the story, something Owen hasn't fully disclosed. Can they really expect to fully come back from all their drama?

Christina: I’m with Courtney on this one and do hope so. However, I haven’t always been a fan of these two so I think they should definitely part ways. Also, I’m not sold on the fact that Owen really did cheat. More on that coming up next.

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4. Who did Owen cheat on Cristina with?

Courtney: No clue! The show developed with Emily so that we would believe it to be her. My next guess would be Teddy but she still hates him for lying about Henry's death. My next best guess is just a random, maybe a nurse he picked up at Joe's Bar?

Sean: I agree with Christina about there being more to the story than just simple cheating. The man needs to fully explain what cheating actually means rather than giving everyone the assumption of what it means.

Christina: Like I said earlier, I am not totally sure that Owen really did cheat in a physical sense. What if the words he uttered had a deeper meaning or he needs further explanation? This is a drama, after all, and things get twisty and complex with words alone.

5. With a cast this big, it’s hard for all characters to get enough screen time. Who deserves more and why?

Courtney: Since Mark and Jackson are getting ample time with their bromance, I'm choosing Callie. The girl has been on the show forever. She is hardcore and is usually the voice of reason while bringing some laughs. Give her some extreme cases again like when she made the girl have a straight spine with Derek in the beginning of the show. Or at least some funny convos with BFF Mark.

Sean: I think Lexie needs more than just her pining after Mark story but for the most part the show does a good job of rotating the characters to the forefront of episodes. I'm ok for the most part with everyone getting their chance to be on screen.

Christina: I’d actually love to see more storylines involving Lexie outside of Slexie and her babysitting Zola. Remember how brilliant her photographic memory was? She’s a Grey, and she’s clearly got what it takes to be one heck of a surgeon so more Lexie, please.

What do you think? Share your responses in the comments below!


I really hope he cheated on Cristina with Julia, Mark's girlfriend. That would give Mark a PERFECTLY good reason to break up with her and confess his true feelings for Lexie!


The bit that cracked me up the most was when Meredith said "Bad dog" to Alex, I just love the parts that stretch back into the past with a simple joke like that


Shonda plz stop making Jackson hook-up with random girls he is too perfect for that. He needs to jst hook-up with April, knock her up and have gorgeous "Grey-eyed" babies.


1) My favorite scene was the last one with Meredith and Derek. I thought for sure that he was going to get all pissy with Mer again but really liked it when she asked him if he wanted her to leave him alone and he said no.
2) General surgery or maybe research. Not neuro.
3) Unless one of the two characters changes totally, Crowen is done and I for one would be glad. I have never liked Owen, he is way too hot and cold.
4) Don't care who but hope it's April and he knocks her up.
5) I would like to see more surgeon Callie and less Calzona.


I think when Owen said he cheated I don't think he meant physically. I am betting it was mentally. Dirty thoughts, not deeds. The episode ended before it could be discussed. I really cannot see Owen cheating at anything. Any of the other men, yes, but not Owen.

Tracy lloyd micks heiba

My favourite quote is actually the one Merideth said at the end; it is very true.
I agree with everyone else- Mer should stay in General surgery. Too hard on their marriage if she goes to Neuro with Derek!
I'm not sure if Owen & Christina are done yet - they clearly are on different paths eg. wanting kids. I don't he physically cheated on Christina; some other sense- like "cheated her out of time that could of been spent with her" or something like that!
Mark hasn't been getting as much screen time as well as Lexie. Mark is an "original" and should get more time -I was glad to see him making those comments to Avery by the elevator! - typical Mark! and Lexie needs to do something else - she is getting boring!


Owen didn't physically cheat. It was the last line of the show and he's not the type of man to cheat. I'll be so disappointed if he did. He's the only man on the show (with the possible exception of Avery) who hasn't cheated or slept around a lot. Meredith needs to be in general surgery for the sake of her marriage. She's a superstar wherever she is so she might as well have a happy marriage. MORE CALLIE!!! I realized the other day she is the one I identify with the most. Not necessarily Callie and Arizona, but just Callie being Callie. She MADE a guy legs! She performed a double arm transplant! She is hardcore.


I loved the Bailey/Webber talk. I love them together in a mentor student way but its awesome how Bailey is usually the voice of reason in any situation. The chief and Bailey need more scenes and I really hope he doesn't go back to being chief. I like him having less pressure from the job so he can focus on his wife and himself. Its nice seeing him just being a doctor again. And Bailey is easily my favorite.


I totally agree with melyssa! Everyone deserves to have a happy ending! Don't get me wrong...I DON'T want S8 to be the last, but I want all of them to stop having a crap life...They deserves at least that!


1.MerDer's bathtub scene. The duckies were hidden for a reason, presumably
2.Lex was aware the tumour was benign and could be left alone.Mer wasn't involved in the patient consultation,but she ends up walking away from neuro.Shonda never intended Mer to be in neuro.Mer seems able to excel at whatever surgical task is set her.General ia a sensible choice. We have seen Bailey co work with Der a number of times,so they may eventually work together again
3/4.The rest of S8 could show this marriage fall apart.Is this another 'I saw a girl in the bar and flirted with her' scenario as with Der bumping into Lex who then became a series regular?
5.The cast who know they have contracts for S9 haven't any urgent need for dramatic changes in their characters SLs. I'm only interested in MerDer,Cris,Alex, with Bailey and Webber as backups

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