Hawaii Five-0 Picture Preview: Keeping the Kalele

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The March 19 episode of Hawaii Five-0 will feature a couple of key guest stars.

First, Tom Sizemore will return as Chief Fryer, coming back on board to help the team clear the name of Mary Ann McGarrett, who will face drug smuggling charges on "Kalele" (translation: faith). Also assisting Danny, Kono and company?

August March, a character Ed Asner originally portrayed in 1975 on the original Hawaii Five-0. Click around below to get your first look at both Sizemore and Asner from the installment and, as always, return to TV Fanatic soon after the hour concludes for a detailed review...

Ed Asner on Hawaii Five-0
Return of Chief Fryer
Ed Asner in Action
Danny and Fryer
Chin, Kono, Danny and Chief Fryer

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AmazingAlex, I think it was double entendre since he was talking about Jack Lord's Steve McGarrett arrested him in the Original. Even though he was talking about Jack Lord but since in this program Steve's father was John, it would have to be him to make sense. Only original Five-0 fans would have picked up on that. I have always wished they would have had the current Steve be a Steve Jr. where they could have had more of these flashbacks that would have made more sense and enjoyable for original Five O fans.


Interesting tidbit brought out on cbs site about tonights episode. When they are talking about the young cop who arrested ed asners character 30 years ago they are talking about john mcgarrett who was a cop in the 70's and 80's not jack lords steve mcgarrett. I thought that was helpful for us to understand tonights backstory a little better.


@Lena...I am so excited too. I cannot wait. I said the same thing about fryer. NOT a fan. Maybe he will only be on briefly like you said. Either way I am excited to see a new epi.


Happy! H5O day everyone can't wait for tonight episode Mary is back and it is Steve birthday can't wait to see him blow out the candles of his birthday-cake!! Hope Fryer is in for only 3 min and that it will be the last time we see him!! not a big fan of him.


@martinelli...it def helps! THANK YOU!!! :) Time does seem to be dragging today. I wonder why?? ha ha! I CANNOT WAIT!


@amazingalex - Welcome! I thought time will pass faster :)


Is it the blog pics???? Cause if it is THANK YOU!!!!!!! I needed that so much today, you have no idea!!! :) You are awesome martinelli!!


@martinelli...really????? yayy I love surprises!!


I have a nice surprise for you :)


I am so excited for tonights episode. I just cannot wait. Could do without fryer again but it is what it is. The group card to alex was sent to him yesterday. Man alot of people signed it. He has got some great fans.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

Kono: The airline gave us her cell phone number, but it goes straight to voice mail.
Steve: That makes sense right? If she's been kidnapped.
Danny: You trying to convince us or yourself?
Steve: Maybe a little of both.

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