Hawaii Five-0 Picture Preview: Keeping the Kalele

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The March 19 episode of Hawaii Five-0 will feature a couple of key guest stars.

First, Tom Sizemore will return as Chief Fryer, coming back on board to help the team clear the name of Mary Ann McGarrett, who will face drug smuggling charges on "Kalele" (translation: faith). Also assisting Danny, Kono and company?

August March, a character Ed Asner originally portrayed in 1975 on the original Hawaii Five-0. Click around below to get your first look at both Sizemore and Asner from the installment and, as always, return to TV Fanatic soon after the hour concludes for a detailed review...

Ed Asner on Hawaii Five-0
Return of Chief Fryer
Ed Asner in Action
Danny and Fryer
Chin, Kono, Danny and Chief Fryer
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There is a new promo photo shoot pic out from the network to promote the show and it is of alex and scott. It is a cute pic!! I dont know when it was taken but it is a recent shot.


@Martinelli....Hetty vs the govenor, I agree I would love to see that, I'll take Hetty, LOL! @Amazingalex....NCIS LA is good show, even if you don't watch it, I think you will find the characters interesting. I'm not sure now, has anyone heard if the first crossover will be shown Tuesday, and then the following Monday on H50. Or is it as they planned with H50 first, then the next night NCISLA. It might have been just a scheduling thing to go to LA first. Oh well, I guess we will find out in a few weeks.


@Zia - Hetty is like a good joke, lol. She always makes me laugh. What would she do in Hawaii? :) I tried to match her with someone from H50 but ... lol, no luck there either. Maybe the Governor has the same authority because H50 answers to him. Can you imagine the Governor and Hetty together? Oh God, lol :))) @Amazingalex - I'm glad you missed me. Sorry for neglecting you guys, but I'm back and posting again. I'm very excited about the crossover because I love and watch both shows and like I've said before to Zia, it's really interesting to compare the characters and not only. There is bromance and cargument between Callan and Sam as well. Kensi and Deeks - that's another story because Deeks loves Kensi and Kensi cares about him a lot but somehow it's an impossible situation.


@martinelli...I have missed you my friend!!! :) Yeah it was obvious in a way that they would have to have another season but networks are weird these days. They sometimes cancel shows that you would never think would be cancelled. Just to see it in writing I felt so at ease. Now whatever time alex needs we know he will at least be back and healthy for next season. You must be so excited about the crossover. I dont watch the NCIS but I will watch it for the crossover. The pics are cool!!! Your right scott does look so tiny!!!


@martinelli....yeah I understand. You are right, Danny and Deeks are similar in a humor way, but not really otherwise. Sam and Chin, nothing alike. I know just Callen and Sam were going out to Hawaii, but I would have loved to see Hetty also. If it comes off good, I'm hoping they will do another one, although that's rare, so I'm not counting on it. Tomorrow nights episode should be good also. We won't see the crossover probably until mid to end of April.


@Zia - I'm really curious to see the chemistry between the two teams. 3 guys - 1 girl in both teams, I tried to imagine who the characters would be in the other team, I mean who would fit in Chin's role from NCIS LA and vice versa, if you understand what I mean. McG definitely fits with Callan :), Kono with Kensi but the other two .... lol . Let's say Deeks would be Danny but they don't fit at all and neither do Sam with Chin. Sorry for my poor English, I hope you still understand me.


@Martinelli......two of our favorite shows together, whats not to like. It looks like they were having fun. I hope we get more pics since Callen and Sam are coming to Hawaii, and they are starting filming this week. Although I saw that DDK was being honored tomorrow night in NYC for the Pan Asian repertory actors, for theater work he had done in the past. Congratulations to DDK. I guess that means he won't be back until Tues or Wed in Hawaii. DDK is on twitter, but the rest of H50 aren't.


@Zia - The crossover pictures are really great. Poor Scott looks like their little brother but otherwise I like them.


@Amazingalex. - It was obvious we'll have at least another season. Just think about it: the show is a huge success, the statistics are good and let's not forget, there are many mysteries to solve.


@Zia..it really does make it easier knowing we get another season doesnt it?? I agree that I am glad they are all getting to have more screentime, it is a great cast. They just work so well together and I am sure making the best of alex being gone for a bit. That is the pic I was talking about. I thought it was such a cool pic. I tried to post a link here but it got deleted which is strange because I was told we can post links here as long as it was about H50. Oh well! I am glad you found it. How gorgeous would alex have looked in that pic?? Sigh! It is all good, we will get plenty of alex when he returns. DDK has become my second fave so I will enjoy seeing more of him. Daniela Ruah posted another pic last night of them all on the set.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

Kono: The airline gave us her cell phone number, but it goes straight to voice mail.
Steve: That makes sense right? If she's been kidnapped.
Danny: You trying to convince us or yourself?
Steve: Maybe a little of both.

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