Hawaii Five-0 Spoilers: The Return of McGarrett and More!

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Following the news that Alex O'Loughlin would be checking into rehab to deal with a reliance on prescription pain pills, many Hawaii Five-0 fans are naturally wondering just how long we'll go without Steve McGarrett on our small screens.

Fortunately, William Keck of TV Guide Magazine has the answer.

McGarrett on the Prowl

O'Loughlin will only be absent from one full Hawaii Five-0 episode, as outlined below in a rundown of what viewers can expect over the final set of season two installments:

April 9: McGarrett appears briefly, leaving a letter to Danno explaining that he's "off to find the real Shelburne," executive producer Peter Lenkov says.

April 30: It's the NCIS: Los Angeles crossover - with Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J, but without any sighting of O'Loughlin as McGarrett.

May 7: McGarrett is back! And he'll have tossed Wo-Fat in prison during his time away.

May 14: On the Hawaii Five-0 season finale, viewers will witness a major death, along with the returns of Terry O'Quinn, Tom Sizemore and William Baldwin.


I was just wondering if kono is coming back. I miss her.


can you tell me when hawaii 50 starts back


God Bless Alex. We missed you! Looking forward to yours and Scott's banter again. I love that Steve's girlfriend is named Catherine, just like me :-)


Dont leave Alex ur soooo awesome !!!!!�


Personally, I think it might be Chin Ho that dies. The title of the season finale is "Ua Hala", which translates as "Death in the Family". Fans of the original series (such as me) may recall that the original Chin Ho was killed off in the 10th season finale, ironically titled "A Death in the Family". Just putting my two cents out there.


McGarrett and Dano make the show. Hope his rehab went well most of us with constant pain can understand and unlike him let it go on. Kodoos to McGarrett.


Alex...you can do it. It's mind over matter, it's as simple as that!!!! Stay away from your inhibiting friends...Hurry back we need you. DANNY CAN'T CARRY THE SHOW!!!!!!! MEDITATION & WORKING OUT WILL REALLY HELP. Get better soon. A fan


I was really happy to see that Alex will return i kind of wondered and watching the original Hawaii 50 as a teenager and loved it , this one is just a good kudos!!! And Alex Get better and prayers for you !!!


I really hope that the writers don't kill off one of the 4 main characters. That would SUCK! Also i hope it's not max. I think it's going to be Joe or possible Lori. Let's hope! If one of the five-0 members do get killed off the show it's gotta be a fake death or something, the writers are stupid enough to do that when only 2 seasons in. May 14 come quicker!!! Also i'm SOOOO GLAD alex is back on set! (:


@kaydee..Really???I did not see that. I am so flippin happy I cannot put it into words. I am just beyond thrilled that he is back. I missed the guy and apparently so did the cast and crew. I would think he would be such a huge presence on set. You would def feel the void with him gone. Welcome back alex!!! :) We love ya!

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