Hawaii Five-0 Review: Marching In

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Kalele: Faith.

Welcome back to Hawaii Five-0, Ed Asner! The veteran actor is not the first to have appearance in the original series and then come on board 30 years later in the same role. However, he is the first one who we actually watched in both universes, as "Kalele" aired a clip from 1975.

Ed Asner on Hawaii Five-0

Beyond the depth that was added by the use of this flashback, Asner's portrayal of August March was very well done. I did not see him double crossing Angela at all. And it was really needed given that I had guessed from the outset that Angela had faked her own kidnapping.

Did anyone else catch the ever-so-slight change they made to the McGarrett lineage from the previous series to now? March said "There was a young officer named McGarrett who transported me to prison, I offered him 100 grand to help me." But in the original episode, McGarrett was a full detective, not a young officer, and Jack Lord was in his 50s at the time.

I'm okay with the change, though, given that Alex O'Loughlin was born in 1976, when Lord was 56 years old. I'm surprised they didn't play the original Steve McGarrett off as his grandfather. Especially given that William Sadler - who portrayed Jack McGarrett, Steve's father - was born in 1950 and it would have fit in the timeline.

Mary hasn't appearance since November - on the episode where they busted Kaleo (Jason Scott Lee) - and  then she turned up here and suddenly they have reason to go see Kaleo? It's either way to coincidental, or the writers need to expand their range when attempting to tie in earlier episodes from this series.

Finally, I have to admit that Captain Fryer has grown on me. Maybe Tom Sizemore has finally settled into the role or maybe I'm softening on him as he grows a little hair. Either way he had one of my favorite Hawaii Five-0 quotes this week.

What did everyone else think of the outing? Are there any other characters/actors from the original series you would like to see turn up?


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@Jschoi....you are right, there is a lot of filming in Canada. However, other then the HGTV shows that are based there, there are not a lot of fictional shows that make it down here. Flashpoint was great, but the network dropped it, now its on a cable channel. Thats why we have so many Canadian actors over the past several decades that have come to the U.S., its just more exposure. Alex is from Australia, where there is a lot of filming, but he knew that he needed to be in the U.S. and it worked out for him. I'm not saying that the U.S. is better, just more numbers and exposure.


@Zia... I do agree with you on Grace leaving, these are just rumors that have been floating around with no basis. I agree there are more acting jobs in the U.S., but I must defend my hometown. Vancouver has the 3rd largest film and TV production industry in North America, we are underestimated and virtually unknown south of the border. @Nadriss...I thought about that with Kono also. My thought was that Frank Delano would escaped from prison and comes looking for revenge. I just can't see it being one of the core 4.


I have a strange feeling that they are playing with us again, just like they did when they've announced Shelburn will be revealed, then we got a slap over our face finding out Shelburn is not a person.
People are voting Fryer, Lori and Joe. I guess these votes are based on who they don't like.


As long it's nobody of the core 4 I can take it!! My guess is it's rather Joe or Lori because both have a new show. For one min I thought it could also be Duke Lukela remember he was the one who info Chin that Steve would be arrested for murder in the season one finale! I have to say I am a bit disappointed that they have another murder in the finale could they come up with something else!


@Martinelli......True he is not a law enforcement officer, but he could be considered, "one of their own". I don't think it is, Joe or Lori are my best guess. They have us talking early. Since we will only see one new episode in the next 5 Mondays, they are keeping the show in the news.
It also takes some of the heat off of people talking about Alex's situation, and back on the show.


@Zia - Can't be Kamekona because it says "killed in the line of duty".


I can't imagine it being one of the core 4. That would kill the show, or at least the ratings. There are rumors about Grace Park maybe wanting to be closer to her husband in Canada, but in this era of airplane travel and telecommuting I think that she and her husband would be able to work something out where he can run his business traveling back and forth. There are more acting jobs based in the U.S. then there are in Canada. So unless I hear it from her, I'm going to assume she is not going anywhere. I think its possible that they leave us to believe one of them is dead, and they aren't. I think either Joe or Lori are more likely. I hoping to be surprised, but not at the cost of the original 4, I can get over anyone else.
Although Max and Kamekono would be missed a lot.


There are many possibilities : - steve will shot by wof-fat or a man who works for him, but in fact steve will survive (but we will see in season 3). - danny, chin or kono will take a bullet for save steve. - do you remember, peter said about Kono, somebody from her past will come and he won't be a ghost. A ghost means for me, something wrong.... Sure, the season 2 will end like the season 1 with a cliffhanger. Because this show is like the original show. It remains a perpetual cliffhanger. Sorry for my poor english


... and Lori is behind him.


Fryer took the lead. I am surprised but it's possible.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

Kono: The airline gave us her cell phone number, but it goes straight to voice mail.
Steve: That makes sense right? If she's been kidnapped.
Danny: You trying to convince us or yourself?
Steve: Maybe a little of both.

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