House of Lies Review: Now You Know

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"Veritas" may have been more truthful and realistic than fans of the show have come to expect, but that doesn't mean it wasn't good.

House of Lies is a comedy yes, but I tend to view it as a dark comedy. Many of the show's punchlines are centered around the ugly side of the business, the side that does not often come up at recruitment functions like the one Marty and the pod attended this week. This side of their business is scary, satirical and ruthless, so from time to time we are going to have episodes like we were treated here, reminding us that while humorous, the lives of these characters are intense and filled with dire consequences.

The gritty survival of the fittest atmosphere that permeated the party was very well executed, from Marty's mentorship and betrayal of James to Jeannie's scrutinizing of the rather buxom beauty. While those two showed their consultant claws, Clyde and Doug did well to keep things light with their weekly back and forth culminating in what Clyde called the best moment of his life when the photos of Doug in drag surfaced. 

Making a Recruitment Pitch

James was one of tonight's highlights and if his parting words to Marty were any indication, we have not seen the last of him. The hurt on his face after realizing Marty had duped him was quickly replaced by anger and a face of determination that should have Marty looking over his shoulder down the road.

Perhaps Marty should heed his own advice and not trust anyone before knowing their angle, as it seemed he was being played by Marcos "The Rainmaker" who bedded Jeannie at the end of the episode. It remained to be seen if he has Marty's back or if he was merely setting him up for an even harder fall at the hands of Skip. 

Either way, tonight added some serious depth of plot to what is still a very funny show but bordering on becoming more of a dramedy. Maybe I've watched Marty in action too much and am starting to make up my own terms like he does.  Regardless the episode only served to engage me more and as long as I continue to laugh throughout the impending merger and custody battle I will remain on board to the end. 


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Which is the house it was filmed at? Malibu, palisades?


Great review. The term 'dramedy' has never been more appropriate than for this show. How amazing is Kristen Bell?!? You think she is just one of the guys, then a player with daddy issues, then the only pod member with a conscience and now back to being a player. Very interested to see how her character plays out...

C f ohara

Ahhhh Dramedy...TY!!! Went back and fixed it.

Childish gambino

I definitely did not see the Jeanie/marcos relationship coming. I think it will play out that Marcos is going to feed Marty half-truths about the Merger and Marty will get the other half from Jeannie to eventually come out on top.
And I cringed when he set-up James, but that is the "dick" line that Marty's character has to/should walk. Where on one hand yea he was a HUGE dick but on the other you kind of understood why. They need to capitalize on that more and not just make him a dick for the sake of being a dick
But I do feel like they are writing themselves into a corner they are fueling the "Merger/Marty being fired" arc to epic proportions and i gotta say so far i dont think the writing has/would be good enough to "properly" tackle this monstrous story-line that they are setting up
but of course ill tune in to find out.
and p.s I believe the word you are looking for is Dramedy

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House of Lies Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

H.B.S., that's Harvard Business School cause fuck if they are going to waste their valuable time saying that whole thing.


Marty: Probably thinks we're gonna start talking in Ebonics now.
James: Oh fo shizzle.
Jeannie: Yeah boi!
Marty: No ma'am.