Jenna-Louise Coleman Cast as New Doctor Who Companion

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Jenna-Louise Coleman has landed one of the most sought after roles on television.

The 25-year old British actress as been cast on Doctor Who as the title character's new companion. She will replace Karen Gillian on the BBC smash after that long-time star departs later this year. Said Coleman in a statement:

"I'm beyond excited, I can't wait to get cracking; working alongside Matt [Smith] I know is going to be enormous fun and a huge adventure."

Doctor Who Companion

Doctor Who was rebooted in 2005 and past companions, aside from Gillian, have been played by Billie Piper, Freema Agyeman and Catherine Tate.

"It always seems impossible when you start casting these parts, but when we saw Matt and Jenna together we knew we had our girl," said executive producer Steven Moffat of the casting. "She's funny and clever and exactly mad enough to step on board the TARDIS."

So, how will her character debut? Moffat simply teased that "even by the Doctor's standards" this won't be the "usual boy meets girl."

And how will Gillian's Amy, along with Arthur Darvill's Rory, be written out? The producer said their final episode will be the fifth of season seven and that "not everyone gets out alive."

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I think matts doctor is great. The rerlationship he has with the ponds is amazing. I think the shows writer Steven Moffat is great. and as much as i loved the ponds, i think its time for a change. It will be sad to see them leave but you know as one door closes another one opens. and after finding Out Jenna Louise Coleman is taking over role of companion, i approve. One thing i hate but is that there only in the series for 5 eps. i would much prefer it if they were in it for an entire season, but hey i dont care as long as i get more doctor who im a happy man. also the trailer is amazing too.

Aint born typical

Silly me, I don't want ANYONE to get killed. Hasn't the Doctor suffered enough pain losing so many people he loved over the years? The Ponds are his family. I don't know if I could bear for the Doctor to lose his family yet again. Although we do know that River Song dies, and in a way that already tells you that the story with the Ponds ultimately can't have a happy ending. *Shakes both fists* Moffat!!!!

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Well I guess its safe to leave the show now. Let's face it, current doctor is bland. The writing is not as good as it used to be and only Karen Gilan's Amy Pond is holding the show together. She gets written off while this doctor stays and I am off from this show.


It's Gillan. Not Gillian. Once is a mistake. Twice or more is a lack of research...or dyslexia.

Sue ann

On the other hand, killing Rory is tried-and-true ... No, really, I am kidding. I agree with you -- they will probably kill off Amy Pond.


I doubt that they will kill Rory off again, so that may mean that Amy Pond dies?

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