Julie Plec Previews the Return of Sage, The Condition of Alaric

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What brings Sage back to Mystic Falls? Who is this mentor's one true love? How will she team up with Damon? And what does medical science have to say about the unusual condition of Alaric Saltzman?

All these questions and more are both answered and teased by Vampire Diaries producer Julie Plec in the following video preview.

Get an idea of what's to come this week on "Break on Through" now:

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I don't think JP has it that bad yet, go and read what ppl write about Gossip Girl's Safran and Savage. I think they should be grateful that people here have so much to say about the show, yes some comments are rude and disrespectful, I agree, however a larger proportion of the comments make sense and are there to point out things that we as viewers see that the producers are missing. Plus don't forget that there are also TVD book fans watching the show, and to see what is being done to their favorite book characters is seen rude and disrespectful to them.


Exactly @ Bored now




I don't think that Sage would be helping Damon for long. I am pretty sure that Klaus and Rebekah will make Finn distract her since Finn is her OTL.

David and sabrina 2014

If this Sage girl can be helpful for Damon and the others of the main cast,then I would be willing to trust her,only if she can make things straight. I can't wait to see what else happens for the remaining of the season. =O =|

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Julie Plec is the definition of incompetence both in writing department as prove by the latest two seasons AND in PR department considering the debacle of her blowing up at her fans this week.


I absolutely agree with R, actually seeing Julie Plec makes me more excited than I'm already.:)


Sorry melena, have to disagree. I think Julie Plec is great. It's great to see how much she loves this show and how excited she gets by it, even though she knows exactly what will happen. She's excited for the viewers to see it all.


OMG julie plec REALLY gets on my nerves!! She's such a bad writer. A shame for the show!


Finally a character who can bring back life to the show. It's been too long. Really looking forward seeing new relationships arise.

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