Justified Review: What A Dick!

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There have now been 11 installments of Justified's third season, and "Measures" certainly didn't fail to live up the excitement of the first 10.

Between the misadventures of Robert Quarles, Dickie Bennett beginning his attempt on Limehouse's money, and the buddy cop escapades of Raylan and Art, there was a lot to enjoy in the antepenultimate episode of the season.

Quarles and Duffy

Neal McDonough continues to impress me week after week in his playing of Quarles.  This time around it was the way he portrayed the Detroit mobster knocking over (or attempting to as was the case of the second incident) those pair of drug dealers that got me all tingly inside.

The mostly confident, well dressed man we have come to know, showing up for drugs with a stupid grin, acting nervous, and shaking all around, was absolutely joyous to watch.  What Quarles did next might have just been an embarrassment of riches for the audience.

He simply lulled the dealers to sleep with his act, killed one immediately with his handy dandy quick-draw gun, and demolished the other with the butt end of a shotgun.  While the excessive hits to the face of the now deceased drug dealer may have exemplified how on tilt Quarles is at this point, when the blood got all over his suit and face, his "what a dick!" reaction was nothing short of hilarious.

My only complaint about Quarles' raid on drug dealers is that his second attempt fell short after getting a phone call from Wynn Duffy and getting knocked the hell out by Boyd Crowder.

With Boyd, Raylan, Wynn Duffy, and Theo Tonin all out to get him at this point, it's probably a quality guesstimate to say that Robert Quarles is not long for this world.

Raylan went on a search for Quarles after being threatened by the man in his bar a short while ago, and luckily for us Tim and Rachel were busy following Dickie Bennett, because that meant Art went along for the ride.  Like always, these two were great together.

Once they finally got to the Detroit thugs sent by Theo Tonin, Raylan and Art soon realized what we knew all along...everyone is trying to kill the fair-haired devil.  Raylan thought the mobsters were working for Quarles, but nope, they were just two of the best assassins Tonin could send down to get rid of the trash.

I have missed Dickie Bennett.  His twitchy behavior and harebrained schemes are always welcome on my television.  It was nice to see Rodney from Memphis back up our way, but the really interesting material dealt with Limehouse's man, Errol.

The number two is ready to rise up on the boss, because Limehouse won't change with the times, and he's willing to join up with Dickie to do it.  That should certainly add to the craziness of the final two episodes of the season!

With Wynn now ready to do Tonin's dirty work, Quarles chained up to a bed by Boyd, Raylan also looking for the man, and the whirlwind that is the Bennett/Limehouse money, I cannot wait to see what happens in these last two Justified episodes of 2012.

What about y'all?  What did you think of "Measures?"  Who is going to be the one to finally take out Robert Quarles?  Who will end up with Limehouse's money?  Where is he hiding it?  And are Raylan and the bartender actually going to become a thing?


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I love this show and liked your review. It was great seeing so many characters in action last night. Rachel killing that guy in the nuts after he touched her was hilarious as was Tim coming up on them from behind. Art and Raylan partnering up to find Quarles as pure entertainment. Art is trying to save Raylan from himself. What a task! I enjoyed Boyd zapping Quarles. Boyd should have listened to Wynn Duffy and killed Quarles there and then. You just know that the maniac will get free and hell will reign.
Neal McDonough is giving us a tour-de- force performance as the insane Quarles. The last two episodes promise to full of action and craziness. Boyd teaming up with Dickey and Errol is bound to be explosive, literally.


One of the best lines this year and it was delivered by Art. Raylan: "Ever get the feeling God's laughing at ya?" Art: "Why, just cus we shot the guy that's looking to kill the guy that you're just dieing to see dead?" Oh...how I love this show.


Neal McDonough has been spot-on perfect in his portrayal of Quarles. He deserves, and I sure hope he gets, a Best-Supporting Actor in a Drama Emmy.
He's been in the business for a long while and I've never seen him better.
I just can't fathom though, how they're going to wrap up all this craziness in one more hour.


Another awesome episode - loved many of the quotes; these writers are at the top of their game!

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