Karina Lombard to Guest Star on NCIS

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Karina Lombard has been cast on NCIS - as Ziva's longtime friend and mentor!

Lombard’s character, named Monique Lisson, was first alluded to in September's Season 9 premiere, "Nature of the Beast," during which Ziva made mention of a female friend she had in Central America.

EP Gary Glasberg told TV Line that he planned to “introduce Ziva’s [version of Mike] Franks - someone who’s going to sort of guide her a little bit in figuring out what she wants from life, professionally.”

Monique, typically for NCIS, has a secretive past of her own, of course.

NCIS returns with new episodes March 20, but Lombard will appear sometime in April. Her TV and film resume includes The L Word, Rescue Me, CSI, CSI: NY, Legends of the Fall and other projects.

K. Lombard

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Tony my darling Tony his humor is awesome. He can joke and still do his job. I just wish him and Jeanne would meet again. He is so sexy and his soft side Romanic side came out with her. Unlike ugly AJ or that ugly woman that he was engaged to. I hope to see he gets involve with ziva friend she look like his type. She is sexy for Tony. Loved her in legends of the fall.


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Agree with critic.


Ziva as the main player is always a great big yawn to me. The child is just not a very good actress/


by the way cant wait for this episode any time its ziva as the main player its a good one.


@gigi just want to let you know mat and michael are the same person.


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A other Ziva storyline What the hell ever since season 3 these ugly bitch has become the center of the show and now she going to make NCIS jump the shark

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