Karina Lombard to Guest Star on NCIS

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Karina Lombard has been cast on NCIS - as Ziva's longtime friend and mentor!

Lombard’s character, named Monique Lisson, was first alluded to in September's Season 9 premiere, "Nature of the Beast," during which Ziva made mention of a female friend she had in Central America.

EP Gary Glasberg told TV Line that he planned to “introduce Ziva’s [version of Mike] Franks - someone who’s going to sort of guide her a little bit in figuring out what she wants from life, professionally.”

Monique, typically for NCIS, has a secretive past of her own, of course.

NCIS returns with new episodes March 20, but Lombard will appear sometime in April. Her TV and film resume includes The L Word, Rescue Me, CSI, CSI: NY, Legends of the Fall and other projects.

K. Lombard

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I love Tony but I wish they'd write him as the brave, skilled, dangerous agent of seasons 1 -4. I'm tired of NCIS focusing around the personal dramas of ALL the characters. We've had a steady stream of Ziva and Gibbs personal dramas for the last 3 - 4 seasons. This season Tony has gotten some focus too, but sadly, now they seem to be turning him back into the episode's joke plot.


Yes! We haven't had much Ziva this year at all. I, too, am getting tired of Tony and his dysfunctional love life...not to mention his amnesia, daddy issues, fear of children, paycheck issues, and on and on and on. He's really turning into a basket case!


I loved Karina in the L Word. I just hope that NCIS is done with the ex-fiances's and ex-girlfriends and start getting into some different stuff. I wanto Gibbs to get a girlfriend for sure but also want to see some new storylines. This one sounds really good.


Yes Ziva. We haven't seen enough of Ziva this year. She is a wonderful actress and I enjoy seeing her shows the best. Hopefully they develop another storyline with her. Hopefully this isn't a "relationship" thing. I am really getting tired of all the love interest stuff.


Yes o yes. Please end the Tony and his GIRLS stories. I think season 8 and 9 is enough of Tony and his relationships. Let's give some of the other actors and actresses of NCIS some face time. I never thought I would say this but I am so sick of Tony right now. Just too much info and no mystery anymore.


Love Karina and can not wait to see her, not as one of the male lead actors romantic interest but actually as a storyline with one of the female lead actresses. Just too much this year has been spent on Tony and his love interests. Let's get back to some great stories, back stories. I love this show but how about more Ziva, Palmer,Ducky, Abby and Vance and even Gibbs. Please let's give Tony and EJ, Wendy, ex-wife(whoever she is) a rest and let's get's some stories of the other characters.


Hopefully it's the same writer Nicolle Matthews. She is the best thing that ever happened to NCIS since Jesse Stern.


Yes! Yes! Yes! Finally a Ziva story. I am stoked. Love NCIS but just a little too much older men stories lately. Did they forget we have the most awesome women on NCIS?


Great news. Love Ziva storylines. Sounds terrific.


I agree. The show has revolved around Ziva's personal dramas and super capabilities for years now. Guess it's fine if you like the character, but if you don't it's boring.

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