Lost Girl Review: Death by Hair Dryer

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Lost Girl continues to amaze me week after week with its ability to give us episodes that are jammed packed with action, intrigue, and character development. Each scene has a purpose and moves that week's story along, providing insight into the Fae world.

While there is a "case of the week," the form that it takes varies endless, which keeps that aspect from getting routine and boring. Here, in "The Mourning After," the secondary story between Trick and Kenzi was just as insightful as Bo's journey.

Bo, on the Case

I loved that Trick and Kenzi worked together and that their relationship has continued to grow. He has gone from not wanting the human in his bar to befriending her and counting on her to help him out. I'd even go as far to say that they trust each other.

Kenzi has a wit about her that comes through in her interactions with everyone, but her repartee with Trick is unique. She can read people well and uses that to push Trick's buttons unlike anyone else. Their conversation at the end about secrets was perfect; Trick denied his true power, while at the same time confirming it to Kenzi.

Despite Trick's power and intelligence, he wasn't able to solve the coin mystery. Sure, he needed Kenzi to be the intermediary to summon Gloris to get the magical egg, but it was Kenzi who figured out that Valentine had the coin the whole time. She may not have gotten 10% of the bar, but free drinks for life and Trick's respect will go a long way.

While Kenzi was off helping Trick, Bo was finding out more about being a Succubus from her new friend and Dark Fae, Saskia. For the first time, Bo had come face-to-face with another Succubus and was drawn to the knowledge she could learn from Saskia. Even after Saskia killed Bertram, the Albaster, Bo was still intrigued by her.

Saskia lives by an entirely different moral standard than Bo. It wasn't clear if it was strictly because Saskia was Dark Fae - though they have their own code of conduct - or if killing Bertram would have been acceptable to the Light Fae as well. Regardless, this was a prime example of why Bo needs to stay neutral. She grew up in the human world, with a human moral code, rather than within the Fae universe.

Bo and Kenzi's reunion at the end was bittersweet. Bo wanted the comfort of her friend and to hear what she had been up to, but quickly became focused on missing Saskia. Will Bo be able to learn from Saskia without losing her individuality and moral code? I not only hope that Bo can, but I believe that she is strong enough to keep to her own beliefs. Plus, once Trick, Dyson and Lauren find out about Saskia, they will be there to support her.

What do you think about Saskia? (Please no spoilers from future episodes.) Should Bo befriend her or stay far away? Will Dyson and Trick support her friendship with another Succubus, especially one that is a Dark Fae, or will they discourage it?


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Great episode especially for the Trick/Kenzi storyline. Bo/Saskia was entertaining. Some of the best Bo/Kenzi scenes.


I loved this episode for the Kenzi/Trick moments, and I also enjoyed seeing another Succubus at work, and helping Bo learn what it means to be a Succubus, at least one that is on the Dark Fae side. Still, I hope that though Bo abhors killing, even of an Alabaster who wants to kill succubi, that she will want to learn more from Saskia in the future, especially now that she knows she can revive people with her powers, and not just suck them dry. Though Trick wasn't as much of a bastard in this ep (especially to Dyson) as he has been in others, I am still not liking him much as a character, mainly because he won't tell Bo what he knows about her origins. It was good to see Bo hug Dyson and allow that she will still call on him for healing...he is so handsome, and the two of them are so good together, I hope to see more love scenes with them in the future, and I hope that Lauren realizes that she's an asshat for sleeping with Bo just because Ash told her to.


This episode was great and it's one of my favorites. My favorite things from this episode was Kenzi helping Trick and her telling Gloris that she shouldn't give Trick one of her eggs but she could give him an egg and instead of stealing stuff around the house just ask for something in return that he can give you later. I love how Kenzi was calling Trick a bastard and was saying that he didn't deserve the egg. I can't wait till the next episode it will be great.

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