Michelle Borth Promoted to Series Regular on Hawaii Five-0

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Things are about to get even hotter in Hawaii.

Michelle Borth, who has recurred on Hawaii Five-0 as Lt. Catherine Rollings over the last two seasons, has been promoted to series regular, Deadline confirms. It's unknown at this time exactly what prompts the character to stick around, or what her status will be with love interest Steve McGarrett, but the promotion kicks in this fall.

Michelle Borth on Hawaii Five-0

Hawaii Five-0 is on a break and will return with a new, serial-killer based episode on April 9.

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"McKono" (I hate those cutesy names.) is a total squick for me--like incest. As for Catherine, I think it's possible that she would be stationed at Pearl and maybe become a liaison between Naval Intelligence and 5-0. I hope they do not have her moving in with Steve and that becoming the focus of the show.


Michelle Borth is not coming on as a new team member. If look at the wording when LG came to H50 she was promoted as a new team member, MB is being promoted as a regular not a team member, big difference.


@HFO - I'm with you on the McKono thing.


"When the war between Wo Fat and the Yakuza ends with a federal employee dead, Five-0 and local police will be completely stonewalled out of the case. Fortunately, one agent decides to go all Deep Throat and inform Danny of everything his boss will not. But Danny may want to ask himself this: Is this informant going rogue to help or hurt Five-0?"
@jeffery sk if one of Five-0 really dies, do you really think theyre gonna be stonewalled out of the case? and i could be wrong here but i never knew Five-0 was federal employees, i thought Homeland Security (Lori is homeland) works for them so im guessing it's her. I didnt mind Lori and i hope they give her a okay ending, not something everyones gonna whine about but it's 99% sure core four isnt gonna be split apart, CBS wont risk that kind of backlash. If they kill one of the core four they might as well just cancel the show already


@Diana-It was actually published that 'one of their own' was killed in the line of duty for the season finale. So you might be right about Lori coming back for the last episode of her contract. However contracts can be cut short, but only time will tell I guess. In my opinion, if the Wo Fat story line is to continue and not be lost in other plot lines, then it will have some significance in the season finale. Otherwise it re-appearing in later seasons would seem odd and no longer relevant if it is not regularly addressed every few episodes.


Again I am not trying to be a trouble maker,I do consider the fact that no one is leaving, and I could be wrong about that but I do not think I'm wrong about her becoming a 5th member! She is to big an actress to be on little time. You Guys need to brace for the fact that you could be wrong and one the Core Four could be killed!


I don't what to feel about Catherine being a regular. I'm in the minority shipping McKono but i would take Catherine over Jenna or Lori. I hope she won't take over the show and appears a little bit each episode, like max. Hope they don't take away anyones screentime


I'm probably in the minority but I think the Catherine character is so boring. I've also never seen any chemistry between her and Steve, too forced.


@johnnyH50 - And I wasn't saying they were going to bring her back for a stalker rampage, I was saying there is much left short of that that could do with her storyline now that she has confessed to having a crush on Steve so she is the most expendable character to kill off in the season finale, plus I don't think that to many people would be all that upset if she did go. And you are correct there is so much more they could do with TO'Q character that I doubt they would totally closed the door to his character potentially returning in the future by killing him off.


@johnnyH50 - Actually if what Lauren German herself said on the red carpet at Sunset on the Beach this past September is true, which was that she was initially hired to do four episodes and then they extended her contract for an additional 12 episodes which means she was contracted to do 16 episodes this season. Then as such she has only appeared in 15 which means there is 1 additional episode outstanding on her contract which could very well be use to bring her back for the finale and her swan song.

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